What chapter is Sai Satcharitra in?

Govind Raghunath Dabholkar alias Hemadpant, the original edition of the Sai Satcharitra was published in Marathi on 26 November 1930….

Sai Satcharitra
Language Marathi
Chapters 53
Verses 9309

Is Sai Charitra available in English?

Now Sai Satcharitra has been translated to English, Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Sindhi, Bengali, Odiya, Nepali, Punjabi and Konkani languages.

Can we start reading Sai Satcharitra on any day?

Can we start reading Sai Satcharitra on any day? It’s ok even if you read a paragraph a day. I used to read it regularly but now I don’t read it at all. Sai Baba needs your love and devotion.

Why should we read Sai Satcharitra?

Have full faith in Sai Deva and try to apply the teachings of it in your daily routine. And while reading it let the thoughts come into your mind, whatever they be as it is a kind of chanting and it will purify your thoughts, your inner self, and give you immense peace within.

Can we eat non veg while reading Sai Satcharitra?

He cooked food for his devotees for quite many years and that included cooking mutton as well. So, in my opinion, Sai baba, never opposed his devotees from eating anything. There is no rule you have to follow while reading Sai Satcharitra.

Can we pray Sai Baba during periods?

The mantras which are used in daily poojas such as Bhagya Sooktha, Ganapathi, Saiva Manthras and Purusha Sooktha are all from the Vedas. The four Vedas never state anywhere that a woman’s body is impure or that she cannot do poojas during menstruation.

What is the real name of Sai Baba?

Sai Baba’s real name remains unknown. The name Sai was given to him by Mahalsapati when he arrived at Shirdi, a town now in the west Indian state of Maharashtra. The word Sai refers to a religious mendicant but can also mean God.

Is there any complete set of chapters of Sai Satcharitra in English?

… More Complete Set of Chapters of Sai Satcharitra in English is available for download also. Note: Please click Below to download entire set of chapters and save on your computer. You have two options to download All the Chapter of Sai Satcharitra. – Thanks. Om Sai Ram

How does Hemadpant perform the Sai Satcharitra?

According to an ancient and revered custom, Hemadpant begins the work, the Sai Satcharitra, with various salutations: First, he bows and prays to the God Ganesha to remove all obstacles and make the work a success and says that Shri Sai is the God Ganesha;

How many years Sai Baba lived in Shirdi?

Sai Baba lived in Shirdi for about sixty years and during this long period, He did the business of grinding almost every day− not the wheat alone, but the sins, the mental and physical afflictions and the misery of His innumerable devotees.