What did Deepinder Goyal study?

Education: Goyal completed his graduation from IIT Delhi back in 2005 with a Mathematics and Computing.

How much does Deepinder Goyal make?

Zomato’s ₹8,250-crore IPO filing reveals salaries of CEO, top executives. The draft papers of Zomato’s ₹8,250-crore IPO revealed Zomato’s Founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal, who had a salary of ₹1.96 crore in FY21, voluntarily waived his remuneration for three years starting from April 1, 2021.

Is Deepinder Goyal A Millionaire?

Deepinder Goyal is a Billionaire Now On 24 July 2021, Bloomberg Billionaires Index recorded Goyal’s wealth around $650 million with a 4.7% stake in an online food delivery giant. Now, his wealth has skyrocketed to $1 billion.

Is zomato an Indian company?

Zomato (/zoʊmɑːtoʊ/) is an Indian multinational restaurant aggregator and food delivery company founded by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah in 2008. Zomato provides information, menus and user-reviews of restaurants as well as food delivery options from partner restaurants in select cities.

Is Deepinder Goyal an IItian?

As events would have it, Goyal could barely pass even in 11th standard with 39 percent marks. However, he picked himself up again and eventually managed to clear the much-coveted Joint Entrance Examination which landed him at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi.

Who is the MD of Zomato?

Deepinder Goyal
You can view name of Chairman, CEO, CFO, Management Team, Board of Directors and Key Executives of Zomato Ltd….PREMARKET.

Deepinder Goyal Managing Director & CEO
Douglas Lehman Feagin Non Exe. & Nominee Director
Gunjan Tilak Raj Soni Independent Director
Kaushik Dutta Chairman & Ind.Director

What is the salary of Paytm CEO?

Among India’s top startups’ CEOs, Paytm’s Vijay Shekhar Sharma takes a salary of ₹3.1 crore a year.

Is Zomato in USA?

New Delhi: Zomato Ltd. has dissolved and wound up its step-down subsidiary in the US, a month after the food delivery company listed on the Indian stock exchanges. Zomato USA LLC (ZUL), a step-down subsidiary of the company, has been dissolved and wound up,” according to a regulatory filing on Thursday.