What does CAC mean on coins?

Certified Acceptance Corporation
Certified Acceptance Corporation. In every field, there are a select few companies that represent the best of the best. Coins are no exception. Now there’s an easy way to identify select quality coins within any particular grade: Just look for the CAC verification sticker.

How much value does a CAC sticker add to a coin?

Those with CAC stickers are worth at least 10-15% more. They are also quite liquid and can be sold even when dealers have extensive numbers of non-CAC coins in stock. Non-CAC MS66 Saints are currently worth around $2,750-2,850 per coin. The premium for MS66 Saints with CAC stickers is at least $750-1,000 per coin.

What does CAC mean on PCGS holder?

Professional Coin Grading Service (www.PCGS.com) has announced new PCGS CAC Set Registry composites (sets), which will permit collectors to build collections of PCGS-graded coins that have been awarded a seal of approval from Certified Acceptance Corporation (www.CACcoin.com).

What makes a coin CAC?

CAC coins are PCGS or NGC coins that have been evaluated against an extremely high quality criteria for a specific grade. If these coins meet CAC’s standards, which are based on the standards of today’s selective and informed buyer, they receive a green CAC sticker.

What does CAC stand for?

CAC stands for customer acquisition cost.

How do you submit coins to CAC?

Every coin submitted must be listed individually- up to 20 coins per submission form. Print your submitter CAC member name and number. Fill in contact name. Complete return shipping address with telephone number and e-mail address.

How do I submit a coin to CAC?

What does gold CAC mean?

CAC – Certified Acceptance Corporation Stickering coins since 2007, CAC (Certified Acceptance Corporation) accepts NGC– and PCGS-graded US coins that are not modern or bullion.

What is CAC gold?

In its five years, Certified Acceptance Corp. has had more than 429,000 coins submitted to it. Of those coins, just 1,754 have received the coveted CAC gold sticker. It’s a bit of a numismatic legend, in that CAC gold stickers are infrequently found.

Why is CAC important?

Customer acquisition cost (CAC) is an important metric to track. It is valuable for measuring the effectiveness of your customer acquisition strategy and adjusting it over time. It is also a meaningful metric for potential investors, allowing them to gauge the scalability of your business.

What’s a good CAC?

A good benchmark for LTV to CAC ratio is 3:1 or better. Generally, 4:1 or higher indicates a great business model. If your ratio is 5:1 or higher, you could be growing faster and are likely under-investing in marketing.

Is NGC better than PCGS?

PCGS is considered the more esteemed grading service overall. Coins graded by PCGS tend to have a higher resale value. This does not mean that NGC is a bad grading company, it is still one of the top coin graders in the world and people will pay more for an NGC slabbed coin than a non-slabbed coin.