What does Cameron company do?

Cameron International is a Schlumberger company and is headquartered in Houston, Texas. Before 2006, the company was called Cooper Cameron Corporation, CCC. Pressure control, processing, flow control, and compression system services are being provided by the company at the global level.

Is Cameron owned by Schlumberger?

Cameron has been a Schlumberger company since 2016. Our dedicated and experienced people are committed to providing state-of-the-art wellhead, surface, and flow control products, systems, and services to oil, gas, and process companies around the world.

What does Cameron Schlumberger do?

Cameron is a leading provider of flow equipment products, systems and services to worldwide oil and gas industries.

When did Schlumberger acquire Cameron?

HOUSTON –(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aug. 26, 2015– Schlumberger Limited (NYSE: SLB) and Cameron (NYSE: CAM) today jointly announced a definitive merger agreement in which the companies will combine in a stock and cash transaction.

What does Cameron sell?

‘ At the start of the SLB acquisition in 2015, Cameron employed approximately 23,000 people and delivered $9.8 billion in revenue….Cameron International.

Industry Oil well services, equipment
Products Technical equipment and services to the petroleum industry.
Revenue US $9.8 billion (2013)

What is a Cameron?

Cameron lesions are linear gastric ulcers or erosions on the mucosal folds at the diaphragmatic impression in patients with a large hiatal hernia. The clinical relevance of Cameron lesions is due to their potential complications such as gastrointestinal bleeding (acute, chronic and obscure) and anemia.

Is Cameron oil still in business?

Cameron was acquired by Schlumberger (SLB) in 2016, and now operates as ‘Cameron, a Schlumberger Company.

Who owns Schlumberger?

In 2004, Schlumberger Business Consulting was launched and a decade later was acquired by Accenture.