What does consul license plate mean?

(1) A registered owner who is an honorary consul or official representative of any foreign government may apply to the department for special license plates for a motor vehicle owned or leased by the honorary consul or official representative.

What are Consular Corps number plates?

In the states and the Northern Territory, motor vehicle registration authorities issue CC number plates for vehicles owned by consulates-general, consulates headed by career consuls and consular officers.

What does consulate vehicle mean?

Related Definitions Diplomatic or Consular Vehicles means vehicles bearing license plates issued by ꞏ the Office of Foreign Missions’ Diplomatic Motor Vehicle Office, United States Department of State, to qualified foreign mission personnel and their family members.

What do diplomat license plates mean?

Plates of this type are “issued for vehicles owned by foreign [embassies] or official representatives to the U.S. having diplomatic status.” They feature the word DIPLOMAT across the top and a large, printed letter D type designator followed by a registration number comprised of two letters, which designate the country …

What is consul used for?

Consul provides many different features that are used to provide consistent and available information about your infrastructure. This includes service and node discovery mechanisms, a tagging system, health checks, consensus-based election routines, system-wide key/value storage, and more.

What do you mean by consul?

Legal Definition of consul : an official appointed by a government to reside in a foreign country in order to represent the commercial interests of citizens of the appointing country. Other Words from consul.

What is the meaning of Consular Corps?

The Consular Corps is the state’s diplomatic and commercial representatives for nearly 60 countries. Consular Corps representatives serve the citizens of their nations and facilitate business, trade, education, cultural and international understanding between their respective countries and the Commonwealth.

Why do diplomats have different number plates?

These number plates are known as diplomatic number plates and are used on vehicles operated by foreign embassies, high commissions, consulates and international organisations. Prior to 1979, diplomatic number plates were typically taken from the pool of standard issue number plates.

Can police stop diplomatic cars UK?

Diplomatic cars are not exempt from the law, but the person driving may have diplomatic immunity under the Vienna Convention. This means that in some cases the person driving the vehicle cannot be prosecuted, and as a result, a lot of smaller traffic offences are often ignored by witnessing police officers.

Who uses Consul?

Who uses Consul? 270 companies reportedly use Consul in their tech stacks, including Robinhood, Slack, and LaunchDarkly.

What is an Honorary Consul license plate?

A completed Special Recognition License Plate Application (REG 17A) form.

  • A photocopy of the consular identification card,in lieu of the certified copy of a Letter of Notification previously issued by U.S.
  • The registration card in the applicant’s name or the documents required to register the vehicle to the applicant.
  • What are diplomatic license plates?

    The DMV has 10 custom NASCAR plates, with two new and a one redesigned, for purchase. The two new plates and a redesigned Martin Truex Jr. plate featuring his new number, 19, were unveiled this summer during NASCAR race weekend at Watkins Glen International.

    What is a diplomatic license plate?

    The license plate for high diplomats is structured as follows: At the very front is the “0” on the license plate, hence the name, followed by the stamp of the approval district. As a rule, this is Berlin. This is followed by a two to three digit number code. This indicates the country of origin of the diplomat.

    Where can I buy registration plates?

    Yes, you can buy new license plates online. As a registered supplier we can provide optimally manufactured replacement number plates to ensure the public do not find themselves with any unwanted costs or fines for displaying number plates that are damaged or are not being displayed at a readable standard.