What does dossier mean?

Definition of dossier : a file containing detailed records on a particular person or subject the patient’s medical dossier Police began compiling a dossier on him.

What is a dossier example?

The definition of a dossier is a file or collection of information and details about a particular person or subject. An example of a dossier is a comprehensive collection of files and information about a new employee you are considering hiring. A collection of documents concerning a particular person or matter.

Can people salacious?

(archaic) Lecherous; lustful. The definition of salacious is someone or something that is sexually suggestive.

Is Salacious a positive word?

Something salacious is full of juicy details — but they’re the kind of raunchy, lusty, dirty details you probably don’t want to hear. Implying a certain kind of moral looseness, salacious is often used to describe nasty gossip, obscene reports and steamy tales.

Where did the word dossier come from?

“Dossier,” the French word for such a compendium of spine-labeled folders, was picked up by English speakers in the late 19th century. It comes from “dos,” the French word for “back,” which is in turn derived from “dorsum,” Latin for back.

What is teaching dossier?

A teaching dossier is a summary of an academic’s major teaching accomplishments and strengths. It is to an academic’s teaching what lists of publications, grants, and academic honours are to research.

What is salubrious climate?

1 adj A place that is salubrious is pleasant and healthy. FORMAL …

What is the opposite of dossier?

Opposite of information, typically having military, political or commercial value. misinformation. prevarication. disinformation. misreport.

How do you use dossier in a sentence?

You get to plow through the FBI crime manual and a dossier that documents actual statements from convicted killers. He sent them all a dossier of stories putting the case for keeping pediatric neurosurgery at Morriston. The dodgy dossier was the work of what Nigel Lawson would call teenage scribblers.

Does dossier have a negative connotation?

The word dossier does not carry a negative meaning, however it has taken on a negative connotation. This is probably due to the fact that the word dossier has been used extensively in spy novels to mean reports on enemies of the state or in criminal contexts.