What does ER2 mean on a digital thermometer?

The display will read Err when the tip of the thermometer is being moved while taking a reading. The display will read ‘ER1’ when a malfunction occurs, and the unit will power off after one minute. The display will read ‘ER2’ when the reading is outside the measurement temperature range.

What does flashing D mean on thermometer?

Low battery indicator: when the symbol” D “appears, the battery need to be replaced. The unit is water resistant.

How do you fix a thermometer error?

Remove the battery and clear the compartment of anything that could prevent the battery from making a good connection, like dirt or debris. Clean out any dirt with a dry cotton swab. Place the battery back inside of your thermometer, making sure the shinier, more reflective side is facing up. Replace the battery cover.

Why does my thermometer say error?

An Err message can appear on the thermometer’s display if: the sensor is too warm before powering on the thermometer. the temperature reading is incomplete. the thermometer has an internal problem.

How do I fix a thermal scanner error?

You simply need to locate the reset button. “Er” will appear on the display when the unit needs to be reset. To reset the unit, remove the batteries, wait a few minutes, and then re-install the batteries. It also needs calibration when dropped since the impact may affect its ability to read correctly.

What does ER 1 mean on a thermometer?

The error messages that may appear on a display are as follows: Er1 is indicated when temperature of the ear thermometer is outside the specified operating ambient temperature range. The thermometer itself is either too cold or too warm for normal functioning.

How do you adjust a Microlife thermometer?

To switch the display between °C and °F, simply turn OFF the unit, press and hold the START button 4 for 5 seconds; after 5 seconds, the current measurement scale («°C» or «°F» icon) will flash on the display 16. Change the measurement scale between °C and °F by pressing the START button 4.

What does l mean on CVS thermometer?

low battery
What does the “L” mean? Is it low battery? The “L” means that the thermometer is at its lowest point and ready to take your temperature.