What does it crooked mean?

not straight; bending; curved: a crooked path. askew; awry: The picture on the wall seems to be crooked. deformed: a man with a crooked back. not straightforward; dishonest. bent and often raised or moved to one side, as a finger or neck.

What does crooked mean in the Bible?

Only Jesus can take the crooked and make it straight. The “crooked” referred to here is the character and nature of man. It would signify all manners of deceit, corruption, guile, hypocrisy, and untruthfulness.

What is a crooked Behaviour?

​informaldishonest and likely to do illegal things, especially in order to get money. a crooked lawyer. crooked deals. Synonyms and related words. Words used to describe dishonest people and behaviour.

What is an example of crooked?

The definition of crooked is something not straight, curved or bent or a dishonest person. An example of crooked is Lombard Street in San Francisco between Hyde and Leavenworth. An example of crooked is a woman marrying a much older wealthy man in hopes that he’ll die and leave all of his money to her.

How do you say crooked?

Break ‘crooked’ down into sounds: [KRUUK] + [UHD] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.

What is the difference between crooked and crooked?

Crooked is a transitive verb, which is a verb that takes an object. The verb crook was derived from the Old English word, crōcian. Crooked (KROO kid) is an adjective that means bent or not straight.

Why do teeth grow in crooked?

Baby teeth sometimes move into crooked positions because they’re too small to fill the amount of gum space allocated to them. Prolonged habits, such as sucking on a pacifier or thumb, can also cause baby teeth to become pushed out or crooked. Heredity and genetics may also play a role.

How do you say perverse?

Tips to improve your English pronunciation: Break ‘perverse’ down into sounds: [PUH] + [VURS] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.

How do you call a person who is not straightforward?

under-the-table. delinquent. decadent. ungodly. miscreant.

What is a slant culture?

[ slănt ] n. A culture made on the slanting surface of a solidified medium in a test tube that has been tilted to provide a greater area for growth. slope culture.

Why is it called there was a Crooked Man?

The title was used for the 1960 Norman Wisdom film, There Was a Crooked Man, as a pun for a ‘crooked’ politician. “—And He Built a Crooked House—” is a science fiction short story by American writer, Robert A. Heinlein, first published in Astounding Science Fiction in February 1941.

What is the meaning of Crook?

1. a (shepherd’s or bishop’s) stick, bent at the end. 2. a criminal. The two crooks stole the old woman’s jewels. 3. the inside of the bend (of one’s arm at the elbow). She held the puppy in the crook of her arm.

What happens when you summon the Crooked Man?

The crooked man was unleashed upon the world. By the time anyone realized what was happening, that the crooked man was real, it was already too late. “Once you have summoned The Crooked Man, he cannot be stopped. You cannot hide and you cannot run.

What does the nursery rhyme There was a Crooked Man mean?

There Was a Crooked Man “There Was A Crooked Man” is an old nursery rhyme with an educational meaning. The image of “a crooked man” who lives in “a little crooked house” is an expressive illustration of some social situations. It can be synonym with being different in anyway.