What does it mean by congenital?

Medical Definition of congenital 1 : existing at or dating from birth congenital deafness congenital heart disease. 2 : acquired during development in the uterus and not through heredity Our study primarily aimed to find out the birth prevalence of congenital toxoplasma infection in live neonates …—

What is congenital example?

Some common congenital disorders are: cleft lip and cleft palate — usually diagnosed during routine scans in pregnancy. congenital heart disease — including a hole in the heart, a valve problem or a problem with the blood vessels.

What is another word for congenital?

Some common synonyms of congenital are hereditary, inborn, inbred, and innate.

Does congenital always mean genetic?

Are genetic diseases necessarily congenital? Congenital diseases are those that are evident at birth or early infancy. Generally speaking, a lot of genetic diseases do manifest at birth and thus are congenital. On the other hand, a lot of congenital diseases are hereditary or have a significant genetic factor.

How do you use the word congenital?

Examples of ‘congenital’ in a sentence congenital

  1. Born with a congenital defect, he had to undergo open heart surgery to repair two holes before he reached six months.
  2. The prevalence of congenital heart disease depends therefore upon the age at which it is measured.

What is the difference between genetic and congenital?

These terms are often confused or, even worse, used interchangeably. A hereditary disorder is certainly genetic: indeed it can be defined as a disease caused by a genetic mutation that has been transmitted from parents to the offspring. The term “congenital”, instead, simply refers to a disease present from birth.

What causes congenital disease?

Approximately 50% of congenital anomalies cannot be linked to a specific cause. However, known causes include single gene defects, chromosomal disorders, multifactorial inheritance, environmental teratogens and micronutrient deficiencies. Genetic causes can be traced to inherited genes or from mutations.

What is the antonym of congenital?

What is the opposite of congenital?

acquired nonnatural
contracted artificial

What’s the difference between congenital and hereditary?

Congenital disorders are present from birth, and hereditary disorders are transmitted from parents to their children through the genes.