What does Jinx always say?

“Stay still! I’m trying to shoot you!” – Jinx.

What does Jinx say when you pick her?

“I’ve got a fistful of glitter with your name on it!”

How old is LOL Jinx?

Jinx’s age has been a common question among fans, since it wasn’t quite openly stated during her screen time. While it isn’t possible to tell Jinx’s exact age in Arcane, League’s lore allows us to make a healthy guesstimate. Jinx is 11-12 years old in Arcane’s first act.

What mental illness does Jinx have?

Arcane’s animation reflects her internal conflict beautifully, utilizing masterful visual storytelling to illustrate the nature of Jinx’s psyche. Heavily implied to suffer from schizophrenia, Jinx often feels stuck in a world warped through her own anxieties.

Are Jinx and Lux childhood friends?

About Star Guardian Jinx While Jinx scoffs at protecting a world she doesn’t trust, she does believe in her childhood friend Lux—and if someone could see into the depths of Jinx’s heart, they’d see a furious, burning need to keep those she holds dear out of harm’s way, at any cost.

Why is Jinx so flat?

Jinx believes that Ziggs is a product of her imagination, more specifically her conscience. 28. She’s small chested because the community at the time was teasing riot about only making large breasted women.

Is Jinx in love with Silco?

Make no mistake, there is no sexual relationship between Silco and Jinx, but her mannerisms toward him say otherwise.

Does Jinx love Lux?

Since Jinx does not have any very prominent love interest, this ship’s main rival is EzLux, especially since Start Guardians skins brought him up as her potential love interest again after the ship was left completely one-sided on Lux side in the original universe.

What is the song that Jinx is dancing to?

Jinx laughs. Jinx dances next to a gramophone playing ‘Get Jinxed’. “Stay still! I’m trying to shoot you!” “I’ll give you to the count of – time’s up!”

What are some of the best Jinx quotes?

“Peekaboo.” Jinx laughs. “I was just getting warmed up!” “Say goodbye, my little guns!” “They say parting is such sweet sorrow… they’re idiots.” “I’m taking my guns and going home.”

Does Jinx become the way she is in’powder’?

That doesn’t happen,” Jinx’s voice actor Ella Purnell said. “She became the way that she is because of the trauma that she experienced. I think seeing Powder at the start of the season is really helpful in setting that context for the audience.”

What anime was Jinx’s voice over inspired by?

According to Sarah Anne Williams (Jinx’s voice actress) “HRRRRRK… blah” was inspired by ‘Red vs. Blue’ by Rooster Teeth. “Not so fast!”