What does smoke laden mean?

-laden combines with nouns to form adjectives which indicate that something has a lot of a particular thing or quality. a fat-laden meal. smoke-laden air.

What does Laden mean?

carrying a load or burden
: carrying a load or burden.

What does laddish behavior mean?

/ (ˈlædɪʃ) / adjective. informal, usually derogatory characteristic of male adolescents or young men, esp by being rowdy, macho, or immatureladdish behaviour.

What is a synonym for Laden?

In this page you can discover 40 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for laden, like: weighted, load, full, light, burdened, empty, unladen, unloaded, heavy-laden, hampered and saddled.

What is the meaning of black soot?

Definition of soot (Entry 1 of 2) : a black substance formed by combustion or separated from fuel during combustion, rising in fine particles, and adhering to the sides of the chimney or pipe conveying the smoke especially : the fine powder consisting chiefly of carbon that colors smoke. soot. verb.

What is a laddish subculture?

Lad culture (also laddish culture and laddism) was a media-driven, principally British and Irish subculture of the 1990s and early 2000s. The image of the “lad”—or “new lad”—was that of a generally middle class figure espousing attitudes typically attributed to the working classes.

What is the meaning of boisterously?

1a : noisily turbulent : rowdy. b : marked by or expressive of exuberance and high spirits. 2 : stormy, tumultuous.

What is antonym of Word Laden?

laden, oppressedverb. burdened psychologically or mentally. “laden with grief”; “oppressed by a sense of failure” Antonyms: unburdened, empty.

How do you use the word Laden?

Laden sentence example

  1. The tables were to be laden with all kinds of food.
  2. The emperor returned to the capital in 106, laden with captured treasure.
  3. In 804 he was visited by Pope Leo, who returned to Rome laden with gifts.
  4. The night air was crisp and cool and laden by the scents of the ocean.

What is another word for soot?

What is another word for soot?

lampblack ash
residue sediment
smudge ashes
cinders charcoal
used coal ember

What do flowers mean to a woman?

Red tulips are outright delectation of love. If you want to be more subtle, small sunflowers signal adoration, jonquils show desire, and violets let the receiver know they occupy your thoughts. The language of flowers isn’t limited to the showy blossoms either.

What is an example of flower in literature?

We see the language of flowers used in the literature of William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charlotte, and Emily Bronte. One example is in The Winter’s Tale, the princess Perdita wishes that she had violets, daffodils, and primroses to make garlands for her friends.

What are some flowers that convey meaning through language?

Iris flowers are a tip-off that the bouquet is a message. Then consider some white bellflowers ( Campanula carpatica) for gratitude, amaranth for affection, and maybe some spearmint for warm feelings. How’s that for conveying meaning through the language of flowers?

What is the meaning of the flowers on a card?

Snapdragon flowers represent strength and graciousness. If they are given negatively they can mean presumption and deception. The Statice is symbolic of sympathy and success. It also stands for remembrance. Stock flowers symbolize a happy life and lasting beauty. They also represent bonds of affection and promptness.