What does SOT license mean?

Special Occupational Taxpayer
An SOT, or Special Occupational Taxpayer, is an FFL who pays an additional tax for the privilege of manufacturing or importing various classes of NFA devices.

What is a SOT manufacturer?

Special Occupational Taxpayers are a group of Federal Firearm Licensees in the United States who manufacture, import and/or transfer NFA weapons.

What is a SOT document?

Being an SOT is a tax status that allows you to avoid the per-item NFA tax and allows certain business activities with NFA items. So, an FFL is what is needed first. Then, you can become an SOT to work with NFA stuff. The transfer process for NFA Firearms is much more involved than standard firearms.

What does SOT stand for NFA?

special occupational tax
SOT means special occupational tax and refers to the tax due upon transfers of items restricted by the NFA ( Generally $200 except for AOWs which have a tax of only $5)

What is a sot store?

SOT stands for Special Occupational Tax, and is required in order to become involved in the selling or transferring of NFA items (like suppressors). (Once again, an individual can sell his personal NFA weapons to another individual in most states; but, they must complete the appropriate ATF transfer process.)

What does being an SOT mean?

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How much is an SOT?

Special (Occupational) Tax Rates Under the NFA

1 – Importer of Firearms (Including “Any Other Weapon”) $1000
2 – Manufacturer of Firearms (Including “Any Other Weapon”) $1000
3 — Dealer of Firearms (Including “Any Other Weapon”) $500

Can Sot make machine guns?

A Few SOT Gun Terms Explained We’ve shown you that you can in fact build and acquire machine guns as long as you are in business and have the right FFL gun dealer or manufacturer licenses. But there are a few different legal classes of machine guns, and terms you should know as well.

What is SOT news?

A “package” will replace the VNR (video news release), which is more common in the corporate world than the newsroom. SOT. Sound on Tape – the sound that is on the tape – whether it’s an interview, a VO or nat sound.

What does SOT mean in business?

Selling out of trust (SoT) most often refers to car dealerships that sell a car but don’t pass enough of the proceeds of the sale to the lender.

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