What does the Comprehensive Aphasia test measure?

Main Contribution: The test is designed to (1) screen for associated cognitive deficits, (2) assess language impairment in people with aphasia, (3) investigate the consequences of the aphasia on the individual’s lifestyle and emotional well-being, and (4) monitor changes in the aphasia and its consequences over time.

How long does the Comprehensive Aphasia test take?

Body Functions and Structure: Impairment-based tools

Western Aphasia Battery – Revised (WAB) A. Kertesz (USA)
Purpose of test Admin time
A comprehensive assessment that identifies the individual’s aphasia syndrome and their severity of aphasia. 1 hour +

What is the bilingual aphasia test?

The Bilingual Aphasia Test (BAT) was designed to assess each of the languages of a bilingual or multilingual individual with aphasia in an equivalent way. The various versions of the BAT are thus not mere translations of each other, but culturally and linguistically equivalent tests.

How is anomic aphasia diagnosed?

Anomic aphasia test Imaging tests like an MRI look for brain damage. Anomic aphasia isn’t caused by damage to a consistent part of the left hemisphere so diagnosis is difficult through brain imagining alone. Verbal tests aim to find out if the problem is with language comprehension or production.

Is the Comprehensive Aphasia test standardized?

Background: The Comprehensive Aphasia Test (CAT) is a new standardised test designed to assess a wide range of language functions in participants with acquired aphasia.

How do you reference Comprehensive Aphasia test?

Background: The Comprehensive Aphasia Test (CAT; Swinburn, Porter, & Howard, 2005. and Howard, D. 2005. The Comprehensive Aphasia Test, Hove, , UK: Psychology Press.

Do I have aphasia test?

Your doctor will likely give you a physical and a neurological exam, test your strength, feeling and reflexes, and listen to your heart and the vessels in your neck. He or she will likely request an imaging test, usually an MRI, to quickly identify what’s causing the aphasia.

How long does the bilingual aphasia test take?

The administration time of BAT is about 75 min in neurologically healthy individuals.

What is bilingual aphasia?

The term bilingual aphasia refers to aphasia in people who speak two or more languages. Strictly speaking, it is the person who is bilingual and not the aphasia, but this is a convenient shorthand. The term is also used to designate a field of study within the broader topic of aphasia or aphasiology.

Do I have anomic aphasia test?

To diagnose you with anomic aphasia, your doctor may send you to receive a series of verbal and brain imaging tests. These tests can eliminate any other disorders that may be causing your symptoms. You may also need to see a speech-language pathologist for a proper diagnosis.

What is the cat assessment aphasia?

The CAT is a unique clinical assessment for people with aphasia, combining assessment of language, cognitive skills and consideration of the wider effects of aphasia on people’s lives.