What does the fourth stanza of Dover Beach mean?

Stanza 4. Stanza 4 is characterized by a feeling of escapism. The poet asks his beloved to be true to him. Note that these lines relate to the Sea of Faith (He wants to bring that faith back).

What does come to the window sweet is the night air mean?

It is a poem about the nature of sea in comparison with the sufferings of the human race. The poet was enjoying the sea which meets the moon light land and from the window on the Dover beach. He tells how the human race is in sorrow in comparison with the pebbles which goes in and out with the waves.

What are the metaphors in Dover Beach?

Metaphor in Dover Beach: In this poem faith is compared to sea. Here, high tide is compared to the unbreakable faith that people had in God and religion and the ebbing of sea waves is compared to the collapsing spiritual and religious faith.

What is the rhyme scheme of Dover Beach?

In this last stanza one can find seven lines of iambic pentameter (l. 31-37), with the rhyme scheme of abbacddcc.

What does Where ignorant armies clash by night mean?

Where ignorant armies clash by night. The poem slams shut on us with the end of this final simile that the speaker began in line 35. The speaker and his love are not just stuck in the dark, but they are “swept” by noise and confusion. People are struggling, running away (in “flight”) and sounding alarms.

What does the poet mean by eternal note of sadness?

“The eternal note of sadness” in the poem stands for the declining faith in religion and in humanity. The poet states that Sophocles heard the eternal note of sadness “on the Aegean” and it brought to his mind the human misery.

What does grating roar of pebbles meaning?

You hear the grating roar/Of pebbles which the waves drawback, and fling.” These lines contain conflict between the land and the sea, between long-held religious beliefs and the challenges against them. At first, the sea is beautiful to look in first stanza but it begins to make antagonistic sounds.

What is meant by sea of faith in Dover Beach?

The Sea of Faith movement is so called as the name is taken from this poem, as the poet expresses regret that belief in a supernatural world is slowly slipping away; the “sea of faith” is withdrawing like the ebbing tide.

Where ignorant armies clash by night meaning?

What do the pebbles symbolize in Dover Beach?

1 Answer. The pebbles symbolize the people who suffer under the pangs of sadness and loss of faith. Just like the pebbles going through the “ebb” and “flow” of tides, people too undergo misery and are subjected to external influences over which they have no control.

What is the poetic form of Dover Beach?

“Dover Beach” is a lyric poem by the English poet Matthew Arnold. It was first published in 1867 in the collection New Poems; however, surviving notes indicate its composition may have begun as early as 1849.

What lines does Arnold repetition?

Arnold uses much alliteration in the poem. For example, in line 31, “To lie before us like a land of dreams”, repeating the letter L at the beginning of three words. Also, in line 4, “Gleams and is gone…”, repeating the letter G.