What does the wrench symbol mean on a polaris sportsman?

The flashing service wrench icon on a Polaris Sportsman’s speedometer can lead many riders to panic. In most cases, this icon is triggered by the engine’s hours of operation reaching a programmed interval, and it acts as a friendly reminder that your ATV is ready for a routine servicing.

What does the hourglass mean on a polaris sportsman?

When the hourglass icon and the wrench icon are both illuminated, this indicates you are viewing the service hours. The service timer displays engine hours remaining until the vehicle requires service.

What is ATV turf mode?

In Turf Mode, only the right rear wheel is a drive wheel. Driveline Switch on ATV. Polaris ATVs feature a driveline switch on the right hand control, above the throttle.

How do you reset the check engine light on a Polaris Sportsman?

Press the “Manual Override” button three times. This will cause the light to blink. Hold down the “Manual Override” button until the light stops blinking and turns off. This resets the service light.

Is Polaris AWD the same as 4WD?

well actually your big bear and the polaris are both 4×4’s neither are awd. AWD is when power is applied to all 4 wheels all the time with a single speed transfer case, 4×4 is a multi speed / selectable 4×4 or 4×2.

Do Polaris Sportsman have diff lock?

they do not have a differential, since it uses a over-run clutch when it engages both output cups are locked to the ring gear.

Why does my quad keep turning off?

ATV stalling can be caused by a variety of factors, such as dirty carburetor, dirty fuel filter, dirty air filter, bad petcock, valves in need of adjustment, faulty spark plug, and vapor lock.

How do you clear a Polaris code?

To reset the ECU, you have to disconnect the battery completely. Then touch your RZR’s wire harness terminals together. This will drain the capacitors and anything else in your ECU that holds a charge, and is a guaranteed method of resetting your Polaris RZR’s check engine light.

What is the override button on a Polaris four wheeler?

The reverse override is a safety feature to keep you from killing yourself in reverse. It cuts out the ignition if you get too fast and the 4×4 as well unless you press the button.