What does Whakawhanaungatanga mean?

the process of establishing links
Whakawhanaungatanga is the process of establishing links, making connections and relating to the people one meets by identifying in culturally appropriate ways, whakapapa linkages, past heritages, points of engagement, or other relationships. Establishing whānau connections is kinship in its widest sense.

What are the key components of Whanaungatanga?

Whanaungatanga is about relationship, kinship and a sense of family connection. It is created through shared experiences and working together and provides people with a sense of belonging. It comes with rights and obligations, which serve to strengthen each member of that whānau or group.

How do I start Whakawhanaungatanga?

Whakawhanaungatanga – build connections

  1. We empower others as partners.
  2. We focus on strengthening adult capability.
  3. We gain informed consent to build trust.
  4. We discuss how information may be shared.
  5. We explore aspirations and goals to build connections.
  6. We negotiate and agree on roles and expectations.

Is Whanaungatanga a tikanga?

One of the theoretical principles of Tikanga, the Māori way of doing things, is whanaungatanga. In this musing, I look at how this perspective can be identified in an early childhood setting.

How do you promote Whanaungatanga?

To promote whanaungatanga, arts teachers communicate a belief in the capacity of all students as learners and achievers. Teachers and students share work, successes, and challenges. They celebrate diverse abilities and individual excellence.

How do you implement Whanaungatanga?

Whanaungatanga is demonstrated through rituals of welcoming and farewell, sharing kai together, practices such as mihimihi, pōwhiri and other opportunities for people to share their iwi, hapū or whānau connections, and mixed age groupings that enable older and younger children (siblings/cousins) to attend together.

What is the importance of Whanaungatanga?

Whanaungatanga is about forming and maintaining relationships and strengthening ties between kin and communities. This value is the essential glue that binds people together, providing the foundation for a sense of unity, belonging and cohesion.

Why is Whakawhanaungatanga important?

Whakawhanaungatanga provides opportunities to support positive and collaborative relationships, explore what is important, and help to co-construct aspirations and goals that continue to be revisited throughout the process.

What is Whanaungatanga education?

Whanaungatanga involves relationships (between students, school-wide, and with the community) based on high expectations.

What is the purpose of Whanaungatanga?