What happened in season 2 of The Originals?

When Klaus discovers Elijah has been afflicted by Esther’s magic, he heads to the bayou in search of an antidote, but quickly realizes he’s not alone. His father helps him with finding cure for his brother and tells Klaus he knows Hope is still alive so Klaus kills him to protect her.

Who is Josh’s boyfriend in The Originals?

EW has confirmed that Keahu Kahuanui, who Teen Wolf fans might recognize as Danny, will recur as Eddie, Josh’s new boyfriend, and furthermore, Josh’s new human boyfriend. According to TVLine, which first reported the casting, Kahuanui will first appear in the second episode of season 4.

What happens in season 2 episode 19 of The Originals?

Freya gives Rebekah an ultimatum. She says that Elijah and Rebekah can either side with Klaus or with her. She is done trying to work with Klaus. Elijah is hoping he can get Klaus to share his plans with him, but Klaus tells him that he hasn’t been able to trust his brother since Esther got into his head.

Who was the killer in season 2 of The Originals?

Freya ended up killing Esther for giving her over to Dahlia in the first place (we’ll get to Freya in a moment).

Who was the villain in season 2 of The Originals?

6 Dahlia. Dubbed by Freya as the most powerful witch she’s ever encountered, Dahlia is the main villain in The Originals Season 2. As Esther’s older sister and Mikael’s wide, Dahlia can leap through time and feign immortality, amassing 1,000 years of magical powers that come to fruition in the blink of an eye.

What did Josh whisper to Marcel?

“You are my family,” Josh tells Marcel before he dies.

Who kills Josh?

After Marcel’s attempt to take over New Orleans failed, all his vampires (with the exception of Josh, who was bitten by Klaus, but was cured right after) were killed by the Mikaelsons and the werewolves, those that survived, were killed by the newly resurrected Mikael.

What happens in the originals Season 2 Ep 18?

Klaus swears on Hope’s life that if Davina helps them take out Dahlia, he will hand over Kol’s ashes (from his original body) so Davina can resurrect him. After seeing Dahlia on the street, Freya returns to the homestead to warn Elijah and the rest about Dahlia’s plans.

What to expect from the originals season 2?

Season Two finds our heroes adjusting to a new status quo, with the very newly empowered werewolves controlling the city, Klaus struggles to adjust to new weaknesses, and Elijah is desperate to save Hayley, now a hybrid, from a vicious spiral of self-destruction.

Who is the witch in the originals season 2?

Prod. It is revealed that Esther, the Mikaelson family matriarch who created the Originals, is the witch who has returned, possessing Cassie’s body. She is joined by her previously-deceased sons Finn (in Vincent’s body) and Kol (in Kaleb’s body).

Does anyone come back from the dead on the originals?

So, the Originals has wrapped another season, but this one ends on a much different note than the first. There was no last-minute, gasp-inducing twist. No one came back from the dead (and stayed). Instead, it was an hour about what lengths this family will go to to protect one another and ultimately, to find happiness.

When was season 2 of the Vampire Diaries filmed?

Last day of shooting for Season two was Friday April 17, 2015 that is two days after The Vampire Diaries wrapped its sixth season on Wednesday April 15, 2015. A new webseries starring Kol aired during November and December 2014.