What happened to Teddie after Persona 4?

It is eventually revealed that the “Teddie” behind the tournament isn’t Teddie at all, but Shadow Labrys masquerading as him. In his story mode, after Yu left Inaba in Persona 4, Teddie kept busy by working at Junes. One day, he can’t find Yosuke, so he dives inside the TV world to go look for him.

Who animated Persona 4 The Golden Animation?

A-1 Pictures
The show is produced by A-1 Pictures, one of the studios that created the animated cutscenes of the original game.

How did Teddie get a body?

He learned to speak human language and became friendly with humans, taking his bear-like form so that people would like him upon meeting him. Teddie eventually grows a human body so that he can be with other humans. After gaining a personality and losing his Shadow mask, he receives his own Persona.

How old is Teddie persona?

therefore he is a 55 year old.

What happened to Teddie?

Promoted Stories. Teddie sustained serious injuries and died in hospital 10 days after being admitted for the head injury and the show has real footage from the investigation. The footage includes interviews with Kane and Lucci Smith, Teddie’s mother, their arrests, and how detectives tried to prove Kane’s guilt.

Is Marie in Persona 4 anime?

Persona 4 The Golden Animation In the anime adaptation, Marie interacted with more of the Investigation Team’s activities like hanging out at the beach, watching fireworks, and being part of the band in October unlike in the game, where Marie only interacted with them in her Social Link.

Is Persona 4 The Animation on Crunchyroll?

For those who prefer anime, Persona4 the Golden ANIMATION is streaming right now on Crunchyroll.

Who is General Teddie?

Shadow Teddie is the body the Malevolent Entity possesses for most of the story and uses to act as General Teddie. Using his power the Malevolent Entity is able to hide the shadow’s eyes unless he wishes to show them or talk seriously.

What arcana is Teddie?

The Star Arcana
The Star Arcana is represented by Teddie and his Persona, Kintoki-Douji.