What happened to the IJN Amagi?

Amagi (天城) was an Unryū-class aircraft carrier built for the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II….Japanese aircraft carrier Amagi.

Empire of Japan
Commissioned 10 August 1944
Fate Capsized after air attacks, 29 July 1945, scrapped 1946–1947
General characteristics (as built)

How did IJN Hiryu sink?

Hiryu was attacked by waves of American planes at about 5 p.m., Fuchida wrote. Four bombs struck home, wrecking the ship. The carrier was abandoned and also intentionally sunk by Japanese torpedoes at about 5 a.m. on June 5.

Has the Hiryu been found?

The Soryu and Hiryu have not yet been located.

How was Hiryu destroyed?

Hiryu, though incapable of offensive action, kept moving until about midnight, when flames and explosions finally stopped her engines. She was ordered abandoned and then torpedoed to hasten sinking, but remained afloat until about 0900 on 5 June.

Is Amagi a battlecruiser?

The Amagi class (天城型, Amagi-gata) was a series of four battlecruisers planned for the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) as part of the Eight-eight fleet in the early 1920s. The ships were to be named Amagi, Akagi, Atago, and Takao.

What does Amagi mean in Japanese?

noun (common) (futsuumeishi) raincoat.

Who sank Akagi?

Akagi was scuttled by direct order of Combined Fleet chief Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. At 0520 hours, she sank bow first after two or three torpedo hits out of four fired into her starboard side by Arashio, Hagikaze, Maikaze and Nowaki. She sank in position 30-30 N, 178-40 W.

Was the Akagi ever found?

Wreck survey Located 1,300 miles (2,100 km) north west of Pearl Harbor, Akagi was found at a depth of 18,011 feet (5,490 m). It is reported that the wreck is upright, on its keel and is largely intact. Two days before the discovery of Akagi, Petrel had discovered the wreck of Kaga.

Who Sank Kaga?

Wade McClusky, hit Kaga with one 1,000-pound (450 kg) bomb and at least three 500-pound (230 kg) bombs.

Are Akagi and Amagi sisters?

Amagi is Akagi Older Sister.