What happens if EB-2 NIW is denied?

If your EB-2 NIW is denied, your Employment Authorization will be canceled. You will get a letter from USCIS telling you the basis for the denial, your options, and that you have about 30 days to leave the country. You can avoid this possibility by only applying for the EB-2 NIW petition without adjustment of status.

Is it hard to get EB-2 NIW?

Generally, it is more difficult to obtain immigration benefit under EB2 NIW (National Interest Waiver) than the ordinary EB2 because of the additional requirements for “national interest”.

Can EB-2 be rejected?

Your EB-2 visa application can be denied for several reasons ranging from your ineligibility as an applicant or errors in filing documentation and forms. If your EB-2 visa application has been denied by the USCIS, the reason will have been stated in the denial letter sent to you.

How many citation is good for NIW?

If you are not from China or India, you will almost never file in the EB-1A category, and to win your NIW case, you should aim for at least 75 citations.

How many publications EB-2 NIW?

8 papers in peer-reviewed academic journals, all first author; conference speaker and presentations; 7 support letters. Education: Ph.

How many publications EB2 NIW?

How many publications eb2 NIW?

Can I apply in NIW without publications?

Many publications and citations are not required by NIW regulation, but USCIS adjudicators will make sure that an alien beneficiary’s work has significantly impacted his field of endeavor, and the alien applicant should establish that the beneficiary will “serve the national interest to a substantially greater degree …

What is the difference between EB-1 and EB-2?

While the EB-1, especially the extraordinary ability subcategory, is reserved for only the individuals with the highest recognition and achievements in their fields. Therefore, a wider range of people is generally approved for the EB-2.

What happens if EB-2 does not file a National Interest Waiver?

If the EB-2 green card applicant does not file a National Interest Waiver petition, the applicant is obligated to obtain a PERM Labor Certification as well as an offer of employment from a U.S. employer. The Difference in Processing Times for EB-1 and EB-2 EB1 Green Card Processing Time

What is the EB-2 visa?

The EB-2 Visa is a second preference employment based visa. The EB-2 visa is designated for individuals with advanced degrees (above bachelor’s) or applicants with exceptional ability in the fields of art, science, or business.

What are the disadvantages of the EB-1A green card?

The disadvantage is that the prestigious qualifications for this green card make it very difficult to obtain. The EB-1A has the most stringent requirements among all green card categories, making it a no-go area for many applicants. It is considered to be only for the top percentile in different fields.