What happens in season 1 Episode 15 of the Fosters?

Summary. Recent events bring up painful memories for Callie and Jude and make Callie question what is most important to her. Stef is flustered by a discovery about Lena and Mike is troubled by new developments in the shooting investigation when he finds out he might be sent away.

What happens at the end of season 1 the Fosters?

After all of the romantic drama between her and her foster brother, Brandon, Callie finally chose family over teen romance, and chose to get adopted alongside her biological brother, Jude.

Who gets shot in the Fosters season 1?

Stef remembers that when she walked into the room, Ana’s boyfriend immediately shot at her (marking the 1st gunshot), giving Stef her wound and causing her to fall to the ground. As she fell, Ana’s boyfriend drops his gun on the floor in shock and the impact causes it to fire off again (marking the 2nd gunshot).

Does Callie come back in the Fosters?

The Fosters family is changing again — Maia Mitchell has exited Freeform’s “Good Trouble.” The actress has portrayed Callie Foster since “The Fosters” premiered in 2013, and went on to reprise the role in its spinoff series, with her final episode airing on Wednesday night.

What episode of The Fosters did Callie lose her necklace?

“The Fosters” Padre (TV Episode 2014) – IMDb.

Who plays Stef’s dad on the Fosters?

Sam McMurray
Sam McMurray as Frank Cooper (season 1, season 5): Stef’s late father, who struggled to accept Stef’s relationship with Lena.

Does Callie get adopted?

After an impassioned speech to a judge, Callie is officially adopted by the Adams-Foster family. While initially upset by Connor’s choice, Jude decides to support him after hearing Callie tell the judge about how much having a loving family means to her.

Did Anas boyfriend shoot Stef?

So, if you watched the latest episode, you know that Stef got shot by Anna’s boyfriend, and then Mike went in and shot him. During that time, Anna was supposedly at the shelter, but then we later found out that she was leaving at that time, and that she left the shelter as soon as Jesus was gone.

Did Callie find her necklace?

The Captain arrives and tells Mike that the DA called and is going to open a formal investigation. Brandon and Callie sit together and he had found her necklace and gives it to her.