What is a French love letter called?

billet-doux. / (ˌbɪlɪˈduː, French bijɛdu) / noun plural billets-doux (ˌbɪlɪˈduːz, French bijɛdu) old-fashioned, or jocular a love letter.

What is plural for billet-doux?

noun. bil·​let-doux | \ ˌbi-lē-ˈdü , ˌbi-(ˌ)lā- \ plural billets-doux\ ˌbi-​lē-​ˈdü(z) , ˌbi-​(ˌ)lā-​ \

What is billet-doux in literature?

nounWord forms: plural billets-doux (ˌbɪlɪˈduːz , French bijɛdu) old-fashioned or humorous. a love letter.

How do you use billet-doux in a sentence?

Examples of billet-doux He was perusing a billet-doux written in a lady’s hand. She had never seen him—but she had heard of moonlight walks and tender billet-doux. She accordingly sent him a little billet-doux intimating her wishes in the most agreeable language.

What is a Billido?

It was originally a nickname for someone handsome, from the Spanish bellido.

What is the opposite of a billet doux?

Antonyms. human nonhuman laity dethrone divest unfasten undock. captainship prefecture solicitorship discipleship apostleship. billet (English)

What does saturnine mean?

Definition of saturnine 1 : born under or influenced astrologically by the planet Saturn. 2a : cold and steady in mood : slow to act or change. b : of a gloomy or surly disposition. c : having a sardonic aspect a saturnine smile.

What is the meaning of Coroneted?

of noble birth or rank
Definition of coroneted : of noble birth or rank the princess and her coroneted companions.

Where does the name Bilodeau come from?

The name Bilodeau is an old Breton name. It comes from when the family lived in Brittany, where the family had settled in a seigniory which dates back to 1450.

What is a synonym for billet doux?

billet doux. poison pen. written message. written communication. “If I haven’t burnt this little billet-doux to light the gas ring for my morning sausages.”