What is a good small font?

Prox. When you need a small text font for your mobile app or other micro text projects, Prox is a great choice. This contemporary sans serif typeface uses a narrow width and slightly square proportions that are well suited for small text.

What is the smallest readable font size?

Anything smaller than 5 pt will be extremely difficult to read, unless it’s all capitalized. Even then, 4 pt font is about the smallest you can go. Keep in mind that some typefaces have thinner or lighter font weights, so just because one font is legible in 5 pt doesn’t necessarily mean another one will be.

How many blog script fonts are free to download?

The best website for free high-quality Blog Script fonts, with 35 free Blog Script fonts for immediate download, and 21 professional Blog Script fonts for the best price on the Web. free·fontsFree Fonts search and download Sign upLog in Blog Script Free Font

What is blog script?

These were the thoughts behind Blog Script, the second collaboration between Carolina Marando and Alejandro Paul, after their successful stint with the Distillery set of fonts. This typeface comes in two weights, alternates for most letters, and a strong aesthetic rooted in individuality and freedom of spirit.

Who designed the script font family?

Blog Script font family – Designed by Alejandro Paul in 2015, Carolina Marando in 2015 The 24 best free cursive fonts | Creative Bloq Cursive fonts, or script fonts, are especially prevalent on the web, as they’re often representational of handwriting (although not always), so with a little

Are script fonts based on handwriting?

As the designs of script fonts are based on the fluidity of real handwriting, they can add a personal touch to pretty much any design, especially one that involves Script Fonts | Font Squirrel Font Squirrel relies on advertising in order to keep bringing you great new free fonts and to keep making improvements to the web font generator.