What is a Marlin 30/30 Model 30as worth?


How accurate is a 30/30 lever-action?

Accuracy. The 464 performed accurately with all loads tested. My average group from 100 yards was just under 2”. More than accurate enough for a lever gun at long range.

What year is Marlin 336?

History. The Model 336 is a direct development of the Marlin Model 1893 rifle which was produced from 1893 to 1936.

How far will a 30-30 rifle shoot?

30/30 is considered a 150-yard deer cartridge, the flat-nose and round-nose bullets share much of the blame. Muzzle velocity is one thing. Maintaining that velocity is another. And aerodynamically inefficient flat and round nose bullets do a lousy job of this.

Why is it so hard to find 30-30 ammo?

Some of the hardest to find and most expensive bullets include: 30-30 Winchester: Popular among hunters, this caliber is in high demand and difficult to track down. Even if you can find it, the price is steep, ranging between $1 and $2.45 per round, depending on the seller.

Which is better Winchester or Marlin?

The Marlin tends to be slightly muzzle-heavy, and hangs on a target much better for me than the Winchester. Both rifles carry well in the hand, with perhaps a slight edge to the trimmer Winchester.

How far can a 30-30 rifle shoot?

What kind of lever action does Marlin make?

Leading the modern-day lever-action renaissance, Marlin advances the legend in 2020 with a line of time-tested platforms newly engineered and advanced for the next generation. Performance bolt- and semi-automatic rimfires. Big game, cowboy-action and “tac ready” lever-actions.

What are the best Marlin 30-30 lever action rifles?

Marlin Model 336 20″ 30-30 Lever Action Rifle, Walnut w/ Stainless Steel – 70510… Marlin 336TDL Texan Deluxe .30-30 Win. Lever Action Rifle, American Black Walnut – 70534… Marlin Model 336W .30-30 Win. 20″ Lever Action Rifle w/ 3-9x32mm Scope – 70521…

What is a marlin® long gun?

It’s the classic American long gun, a tool of history and just as much a symbol of the Old West as the six-shooter. The Marlin® brand is synonymous with lever-action rifles. It’s a rich tradition, with a heritage stretching back to the Model 1881, our first centerfire, and the Model 1891, our first rimfire rifle.

What is a Henry 30-30 action?

The Henry .30-30 action is a slicked-up version of the Marlin 336 type. I say “slicked-up,” because from the petite .22 LR to the big .45-70, Henrys are generally the smoothest operating lever actions on the market.