What is a Mexican sugar mold?

Sugar molds are made of long solid blocks of wood with a series of holes into which raw brown sugar cane syrup could be poured. Once it dried, the syrup formed raw sugar cones that would be wrapped in paper and sold to consumers.

What were wooden sugar molds used for?

These wooden sugar molds come to us from Mexico and were originally used to form liquid sugar into cones known as pilloncillo. Pieces of the cone were then chipped away as need for cooking. Often used to hold glass votives, candles, terra cotta pots to make this item a unique feature for your home.

What are antique sugar molds used for?

A sugar mold is a long block with a series of depressions that are used for forming sugar cones. They are often made from long blocks of wood, though they can also be pottery. Sugar molding is how sugar was first sold to people. Raw sugar cane syrup was poured into the depressions as part of the candy-making process.

How do you make sugar molds for cake decorating?


  1. Place sugar and meringue in a mixing bowl. Make a well, then add water.
  2. Pack sugar mixture into mold as firmly as possible. To make a multi-colored mold start with features and press the desired tinted sugars into mold.
  3. Let dry 5 hours or place in a 200° F oven for 5 to 10 minutes.

Can sugar mold?

Under normal circumstances, mold doesn’t grow on sugar because of osmosis, removing humidity from the air. Mold bacteria need moisture to thrive. The problem is that brown sugar is by nature moist, and when left in a humid environment, mold can take hold.

How do you make spun sugar decorations?

Melt the sugar in a pan, stirring until it has completely melted into caramel. Allow to cool slightly, then begin to pull your sugar decorations. With the back of a ladle coated in a bit of vegetable oil, drizzle the caramel over the baking sheet, creating any shape you like.

Is piloncillo healthier than brown sugar?

The piloncillo is a wonderful sweetener, healthier than sugar.

What’s piloncillo in English?

little loaf
The word piloncillo means “little loaf”, which is a traditional shape in which the sugar is molded.

Why does my brown sugar smell like alcohol?

Brown Sugar doesn’t really “expire.” However, it can absorb excess water if stored in a humid environment and lead to bacteria fermenting it (It would have an alcohol style smell and turn goopy) or pick up odors from its packaging or things that are nearby.

What are the black things in my brown sugar?

A: If you’re using the same spoon in your ground coffee and brown sugar container, there’s a good chance that the black spots are just coffee grounds. However, if you can’t tell what it is – play it safe and just discard that particular brown sugar container. The black spots can be anything (mold, fly poop, etc.)