What is a navarea warning?

NAVAREA Warnings are concerned with information which ocean-going mariners require for their safe navigation. This includes, in particular, failures to important aids to navigation as well as information which may require changes to planned navigational routes.

How do I download navarea warnings?

In Chartco, you can also get the inforce warning list for a navarea. To get the in force list, go to reports and then select “in force warnings”. Select the area for which you want “in force warnings” list and then click on “get report”. This will display the in force list of navarea warnings for that area.

What is navarea and Metarea?

The METAREA coordinators support the Worldwide Met-Ocean Information and Warning Service (WWMIWS) while the NAVAREA coordinators support the Worldwide Navigation Warning Service. Both provide forecast and warning products to mariners via SafetyNet and Navtex as part of the WWMIWS.

Where are the Navarea warnings?

A list of in-force navarea warnings can be obtained from the Reports option. In-force list of warnings can be received from SAT C every week. Navarea warnings can be shown on the map.

Where do I get a NAV warning?

The Chief Hydrographer to the Government of India is responsible for issuing Navarea Warnings to Mariners for Navarea VIII region. To view the content of Navigational Warnings in force click on the button given below.

What is Navarea in maritime?

NAVAREAs are the maritime geographic areas in which various governments are responsible for navigation and weather warnings.

How many Division of the Navarea was established by the World Wide navigational Warning Service?

The title World-Wide Navigational Warning Service or WWNWS used for this revised edition of the document reflects the evolution of the system from a proposed action to an effective co-ordinated service which now has all of its 16 NAVAREAs in operation.

How many Metarea are there in the world?

For navigation and weather forecasting purposes, the world is divided into 21 NAVAREAs or METAREAs , the terms are interchangeable.

In what Navarea Mediterranean sea belongs?

The Greek NAVTEX Service belongs to the Mediterranean area NAVAREA III, whose coordinator is the Spanish Hydrographic Service. NAVAREA III navigational warnings can be seen here.