What is a passing score on the see?

The scaled score required to pass is 450 on the total test. Domain area scores are computed independently and cannot be averaged to produce the total test score.

How many questions does prodigy anesthesia have?

4100 questions
With over 4100 questions in our database, you can find out if you’re ready ahead of time! Because it is also available from your phone, you can also access the critical info you need for clinicals from the Prodigy Library, which already has over 850 topics.

What is the see exam for CRNA?

Self-Evaluation Examination (SEE) Resources to provide information to students about their progress in the nurse anesthesia educational program; to provide information to program administrators on how well their programs are preparing students with the knowledge they need for anesthesia practice; and.

What is a CPC core module?

The Core Modules provide a way for nurse anesthetists to stay informed about current literature and evidence-based knowledge. Recognized CPC Program Core Module providers will be listed on this page as the Core Modules become available.

Does Apex anesthesia have an app?

Although we don’t have an app to download, we have the next best thing. You can get 1-click access to your course directly from your phone. The only difference between this and an app is that you’ll still need an internet connection. Click one of the links below for instructions (it’s really easy):

What is the pass rate of the Crna boards?

According to the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA), the board responsible for administering the CRNA boards and oversight of CRNA recertification compliance, fewer than 85% of first-time CRNA board test-takers actually pass the boards, with even lower pass rates for …

What are the core modules?

Core Modules are a specialized type of Class A credit designed to help you stay current. Core Modules are focused on recently emerging information and evidence-based knowledge.

What is Apex CRNA?

APEX is the complete A to Z online review course that prepares you for the classroom, boards, and beyond. Crystal clear teaching that will give you many “a-ha” moments. Conveniently learn anywhere, anytime on desktop or mobile.

How hard is the CRNA exam?

It requires you to take more questions than the NCLEX as the minimum, but has a lesser number of maximum questions . Candidates may receive anywhere from 100 to 170 questions. Thirty of those questions are random, non-graded questions with a varying difficulty level.