What is a present tense in French?

The present tense in French grammar (le présent) corresponds to the English simple present. It talks about facts, current situations and repeated actions in the present, as well as scheduled future actions.

What is present tense in French examples?

Using the present tense Use the present tense for routine actions, current actions and current facts. For example: Je bois du thé tous les jours. – I drink tea every day.

What is the present tense of to play in French?

Conjugating the French Verb Jouer

Present Imperfect
je joue jouais
tu joues jouais
il joue jouait
nous jouons jouions

Is Je vais present tense?

The present tense of the verb aller + the infinitive of the main verb….How to form the immediate future.

Subject pronoun Aller = to go English
je vais I’m going
tu vas You’re going (informal)
il/elle/on va He is going/She is going/We are going
nous allons We are going

How do you memorize French tenses?

French Verb Conjugation Tips

  1. Always memorize your french verbs with the subject pronoun that goes along with them.
  2. Create a spreadsheet for your verbs.
  3. Write everything down.
  4. Try changing up the order of the verbs when you memorize them.
  5. Record yourself saying your conjugations.
  6. Work with a friend!

How many French tenses do I need to know?

There are over 20 tenses in French! Before you start to freak out, let’s clarify a few things. French tenses include the present, past, and future tenses. They indicate when an action occurs.

What tense is je Visiterai?

How to Conjugate Visiter​

Present Future
je visite visiterai
tu visites visiteras
il visite visitera
nous visitons visiterons

What tense is je jouer?

jouer: Conjugation

Present Perfect
Conditional Conditional perfect
je jouerais tu jouerais il/elle jouerait nous jouerions vous joueriez ils/elles joueraient Pronounce these verb forms j’ aurais joué tu aurais joué il/elle aurait joué nous aurions joué vous auriez joué ils/elles auraient joué Pronounce these verb forms

What tense is J Allais?

J’allais + infinitive = I was going to (Le Futur Proche in the past)