What is a return loss bridge?

In simple terms, the return loss bridge is a device used to measure RF power reflected from a load or device under test (DUT) when power is sourced to the device through the RLB. The return loss bridge has 3 ports. An RF signal generator is applied to the input port.

What is a good antenna return loss?

If the return loss is 10 dB, 10% of the power is returned. While different systems have different acceptable return loss limits, 15 dB or better is a common system limit for a cable and antenna system.

What is return loss in directional coupler?

Return loss in a wired or wireless transmitter is the ratio of transmitted power to reflected power when power is being delivered to a load. It is a critical parameter that describes transmission efficiency and can be used as an indicator that excessive power is being reflected from a load back to the source.

How do you use a RF bridge?

One RF Bridge supports to add up to 4 RF Remote on the App. Now let’s get started using it.

  1. 1. Download “eWeLink” app.
  2. 2. Add device.
  3. 3. Add RF Remote.
  4. 4. Control RF Devices.
  5. 5. Add Alarm Sensor.
  6. 6. Smart Scene (Android)
  7. 7. Schedule/Countdown Timer.

Is return loss Good or bad?

Return loss is a measurement parameter that expresses how well a device or line matches. A high return loss is advantageous as it will result in a lower insertion loss.

How can return loss be improved?

For improving the return loss, you have to change the design parameters of your antenna. For example , change the length, breadth, height, thickness of the substrate etc., Even check the imepance matching part also.

How do you use Sonoff bridge?

Learning with RF buttons: press and hold Button0 on the App until you hear a beep sound from the RF Bridge, the red led of RF Bridge will start fast blink, which means it has entered into learning mode. Then quickly press the A button of RF Remote. You’ll hear two beep sounds, and the red led of RF Bridge will blink …