What is a stray start tag HTML?

A stray start tag has been found in the document. As this tag defines the start of the whole HTML document, it should appear only once.

What is stray start tag footer?

The validator says “Stray start tag footer” because the start tag appears in a context where no elements can be started – after the tag, where only the optional tag may appear. Follow this answer to receive notifications.

What is a stray tag?

This answer is not useful. Show activity on this post. As such, “Stray end tag…” means just that an end tag is not allowed in the context where it appears. As the validator’s explanation says: “The Validator found an end tag for the above element, but that element is not currently open.

What does start tag mean?

The start tag informs the receiving software that all the incoming data will belong to this element until the matching end tag is encountered. Very often, more start tags are encountered before the end tag.

How do you start and end HTML code?

The HTML document itself begins with and ends with .

What is start to in XML?

The main content of an XML document consists entirely of XML elements. An element usually consists of a start tag and an end tag, with plain text content or other XML elements in between. A start tag is of the form and an end tag has the form .

Which element is a starting element in an HTML?

The element is the root element and it defines the whole HTML document. It has a start tag and an end tag .

Can we use HTML tags in XML?

You can include HTML content. One possibility is encoding it in BASE64 as you have mentioned. Another might be using CDATA tags. just remember that XML and CDATA preserve white-space.

What does Pcdata mean in XML?

parsed character data
PCDATA. PCDATA means parsed character data. Think of character data as the text found between the start tag and the end tag of an XML element. PCDATA is text that WILL be parsed by a parser.

What is HTML syntax?

In HTML and CSS, syntax is the order in which elements appear or are written, meaning the grammar and spelling of the language. Syntax rules are in place to ensure the languages are always written in a way that can be read or interpreted by a computer.

Which is the first tag of HTML program?

The first tag in any HTML file is the tag. This tells web browsers that the document is an HTML file. The second tag is a tag.