What is a usable past?

A “usable past” is thus an invention or at least a retrospective reconstruction to serve the needs of the present.

What is the contemporary approach of history?

Contemporary history refers to the history of events usually within the lifetime of the historian, although sometimes, in the European or North American context, to post-1945 or even post-1914 history.

What is traditional concept history?

traditional history, which is essentially remembered history, handed. down from one generation to another. The technique of African. traditional history is constantly to keep alive the memory of the. past; to preserve the past consciously in the present.

How is modern history different from contemporary history?

Modern is a historical period that extends from 1501 to 1945. Contemporary refers to the current period and extends back to include works produced by people who are potentially still alive.

What is the meaning of speculative history?

Speculative or alternate history is a field of historical inquiry that uses counterfactual speculation of historical events to reflect upon our present society and the social construct of memory.

What’s another word for tradition?

In this page you can discover 57 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for tradition, like: heritage, culture, legend, custom, folklore, myth, sensibility, lore, habit, popular knowledge and orthodoxy.

What are the ages of time?

The Ages

Age Time Period Name
Stone Age – 3.000 BC Neolithic
Bronze Age 6.000 – 2.000 Copper Age
3.000 BC – 500 AD Bronze Age
Iron Age 1.000 BC – now Iron Age

How do you define the contemporary How is it different from the traditional or modern Brainly?

How Do You Define The Contemporary How Is It Different From The Traditional Or Modern? Using Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, modern is defined as “pertaining to or of the present day”. Meanwhile contemporary describes something that is happening now or beginning recently.

What is factual and speculative history?

Factual History meaning events in history that happened with proof of the event or thing taking place. This type of history can be backed up by writings or even footage of the event that took place. Speculative History meaning events in history that may have an alternate history or questionable history.

What is antiquarian history?

Antiquarian history refers to the scholarly immersion in some past period or past culture. This is the approach to history especially typical of academics. It can be valuable when it helps to enhance our sense of cultural identity.

What is another word for history?

What is another word for history?

chronicle record
story account
narrative report
saga annals
autobiography biography

What is another word for legacy?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for legacy, like: heritage, tradition, patrimony, inheritance, foundation, birthright, rediscovery, collective memory, affect, bequest and gift.