What is aged care assessment team?

ACATs are teams of medical, nursing and allied health professionals who assess the physical, psychological, medical, restorative, cultural and social needs of frail older people and help them and their carers to access appropriate levels of support.

How do I get my ACAT assessment Qld?

To arrange an ACAT assessment you need to contact the customer service centre of My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or fill out the online form. Alternatively, your social worker, doctor, or other health professionals can organise this for you on your behalf.

What does an ACAT assessor do?

ACAT assessors work with people who may require care and their current carer or carers. Their job is to determine what type of assistance would most benefit you. They are professionals with medical backgrounds, such as doctors, nurses, occupational therapists and social workers.

How do I prepare for an ACAT assessment?

To prepare for your ACAT meeting you’ll need your Medicare card number. It’s also a good idea to have the details of your G.P. and any other health professionals whose care you’re under. Also make a list of any support that you currently have in place, such as “Meals on Wheels,” or cleaning services.

How long does an ACAT assessment take?

between 45 minutes and 75 minutes
Usually, an assessment is between 45 minutes and 75 minutes long, although the time can vary. What questions are asked in an ACAT assessment? At the start of your ACAT assessment, you will be formally asked if you want to apply for approval to receive aged care services.

What does an ACAT assessment look like?

An ACAT assessment looks at a range of factors including: your health and medical history. your physical requirements, such as how well you can get around and do everyday activities. your psychological needs, for example, how you are feeling and whether you have experienced depression or mental illness.

What is the difference between my aged care and ACAT?

If it sounds like you need regular, more complex support, an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assessor will provide a more comprehensive assessment. They will assist you to apply for aged care and determine if you require a Home Care Package, short-term care or an aged care home.

What is difference between my aged care and ACAT?