What is an Octo sander?

The innovative pressure control OCTO™ model 7302 is the newest sander in the pressure control family. The pressure control indicator illuminates when the right amount of pressure is applied for best sanding results. In addition, 8 sanding profile attachments, to fit virtually any application, are included.

How do I turn on Skil Octo sander?

TO TURN THE TOOL “ON” depress the dust-protected switch to the number “I” position (Fig. 1). TO TURN THE TOOL “OFF”: depress switch to the number “0” position. Always hold the sander off the work when turning the switch “ON” or “OFF”.

What is a detail sander good for?

The Detail Sander – Great for sanding corners and hard to reach areas. The detail sander is a triangular orbital sander designed to get into fine edges and around tight corners. Great for furniture or any job with hard to reach places.

What’s the difference between a detail sander and an orbital sander?

What Is the Difference Between an Orbital Sander and a Sheet Sander? Both orbital sanders and sheet sanders move an abrasive in a circular pattern. However, while a sheet sander uses sheets of sandpaper as the abrasive, an orbital sander uses special sanding discs.

What is the best small sander to buy?

Best Compact: BLACK+DECKER BDERO600 5-Inch Random Orbital Sander. Sometimes, you just need a sander to do a small job, such as a furniture makeover, or to get into tight spaces. And for those times, the BLACK+DECKER BDERO600 5-Inch Random Orbital Sander is the power tool you need.

Should I use a belt sander or orbital sander?

A belt sander is more effective for large materials, while the orbital sander is ideal for small spaces and pieces of furniture. A belt sander works effectively on flat surfaces, while an orbital sander can work with various angles.

What is the best sander you can buy?

BEST OVERALL: Makita XOB01T 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 5″ Sander.

  • UPGRADE PICK: BOSCH Power Tools – GET75-6N – Orbital Sander.
  • BEST CORDED: DEWALT Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch (DWE6421K)
  • Do I really need a belt sander?

    If you perform large, flat surface jobs that require a lot of sand power, belt sanders are ideal. In comparison, orbital sanders are better for small, flat surface jobs or rounded surfaces. If you are worried that you don’t have a delicate enough hand for a belt sander, the orbital sander is the better choice.