What is another way to say beautiful art?


  • artful.
  • artistic.
  • creative.
  • esthetic.
  • gorgeous.
  • inventive.

How do you compliment a painting?

Some Compliments That You Can Use Instead!

  1. You are such a great artist! [works every time!]
  2. I really love your art!
  3. Your art is so cool!
  4. Great job!
  5. You have put a lot of work into this piece and it has paid off!
  6. Congratulations!
  7. You are awesome!
  8. This art could step on me and I’d thank them for it.

How would you describe a beautiful work of art?

We can use the adjective harmonious to describe a well-balanced piece of art, in terms of colours, composition and/or style. Lastly, simulating is another fantastic adjective that can be used to describe a piece of work that, in some way, motivates or inspires you.

What should I comment on art?

Pop art captions

  • Fantastic work.
  • I found it difficult to stop looking at the drawing once I saw this art.
  • Your work reminds me a little bit of Van Gough and Pablo Picasso.
  • This drawing looks like a real photo.
  • It is a beautiful piece of art.
  • I love your style of drawing.
  • This drawing gives me a good feeling.
  • Wow!

What do you call an amazing artist?

virtuoso. A person displaying great technical skill in some fine art, esp.

How do you comment on someone’s painting?

try these compliments:

  1. I’ve never seen anything like it.
  2. Your work reminds me a little bit of _________________ (name a famous artist – but NOT Thomas Kincaid.)
  3. You are really hitting your stride.
  4. My friend/co-worker should really see this.
  5. I recognized it as your work immediately.

How do you appreciate someone’s art?

How do you comment on a piece of art?

How do you describe art in words?

Art is typically described in terms of its elements such as form, space, color, composition, balance, style, texture, tone,subject matter and symbolism. This can focus on meaning or the overall effect of a work on its viewer….229 Words To Describe Art.

Abstract Absurd
Artificial Asymmetric
Authentic Avant-garde
Balanced Barren
Bleak Bold