What is AT U-verse TV U200 all included?

> AT U-verse TV U200, with more than 190 of the most popular channels, including news, movies, and children’s and family entertainment, plus local channels and 34 digital music channels. Includes up to three U-verse Receivers, one with a DVR. (Customers may add more receivers for $5 each per month.)

Does U-verse 300 include HBO?

AT U-Verse offers amazing high quality satellite programming for those who are looking for elite TV packages. AT U-300 will offer 300+ Channels including HBO, SHOWTIME, Starz & Cinemax free for the first 3 months. Start enjoying TV again!

Is AT U-verse going to be discontinued?

In selected markets, AT began to replace AT U-verse TV with a new service based on its DirecTV Now platform, AT TV, in August 2019. On April 3, 2020, AT began announcing that U-verse would no longer be available to new customers.

Is uverse going away?

U-verse TV is no longer available for new customers. Current U-verse TV customers can continue to access their service here. DIRECTV STREAM offers live and local sports games in more markets than any other live streaming service. * Get the best of Live TV & On Demand with no annual contract required.

Is AT getting rid of uverse?

1) U-Verse is not being sold to new customers. This has been the case since early 2020. 2) Customers are allowed to keep U-Verse. If they switch away, they cannot come back.

What are the different U verse packages?

AT U-verse prices and packages

  • HD Access: $7 per month (Not available on U-Basic or U-Family)
  • Additional wireless receivers one-time fee: $49 each.
  • Additional wireless receivers monthly fee: $10 per receiver.
  • Broadcast fees: $7.99 per month.
  • Activation fee: $35 (one time)

How much does uverse 300 cost?

AT U-verse Packages and Pricing

Packages Price (year 1) Price (year 2+)
U-Basic TV $19/mo. $19/mo.
U-Family TV $35/mo. $84/mo.
U-200 TV $55/mo. $107/mo.
U-300 TV $60/mo. $124/mo.