What is Bhandara famous for?

Bhandara is known for its large production of rice. Tumsar, a tahsil town, is a noted rice market. Bhandara town is also known as “Brass City” owing to the presence of a large brass products industry. Bhandara has several tourist destinations, like Ambagad Fort, Brahmi, Chinchgad, and Dighori.

Where is Bhandara now?

From 1947 to 1956 the district of Bhandara along with the other districts of Vidarbha region continued to form a part of the central provinces. With the reorganization of states in 1956, Bhandara district was transferred from Madhya Pradesh to the Bombay State, which came into existence in the same year.

How is Bhandara city?

Bhandara ( pronunciation (help·info)) is a city and municipal council that is the headquarters of Bhandara district in the state of Maharashtra, India. It is connected with NH-53 and NH-247….

• Total 30 km2 (10 sq mi)
Elevation 244 m (801 ft)
Population (2021)
• Total 152,345

How many districts are there in Bhandara?

Again in 2001 census, Bhandara district is divided into two districts viz., Bhandara and Gondiya.

Which is the richest district in Maharashtra?

Profile: The Konkan region, along the western coast, is Maharashtra’s most populous and prosperous region. The region’s capital, Mumbai – home to India’s financial, banking and entertainment industries – is the state’s richest district.

What do we call Bhandara in English?

/bhaṇḍāra/ mn. godown countable noun. In India and East Asia, a godown is a warehouse.

What is a Bhandara?

Bhandara is the term used mostly in Hindu caste and some other communities to describe the free meal served to the people invited to the temple. Food is cooked and served to the people sitting right outside the temple. Usually this is done on festival occasions as a part of worshipping the lord.

What does Bhandara mean?

Which mineral is found in Bhandara?

Bhandara District has been endowed with various valuable mineral resources. Manganese Ore is found in large quantity in the district. The other important minerals found in the district are Iron Ore, Chromite, Silliminite, Corundum, Phyrophyllite, Kynite and Quartz.

Who is the collector of Bhandara?

Shri. Sandeep Kadam
Collector Office

Name Designation Email
Shri. Sandeep Kadam Hon. Collector collector[dot]bhandara[at]maharashtra[dot]gov[dot]in
Shri G.H Bhugaonkar Additional Collector addl[dot]collectorbhn[at]gmail[dot]com
Shri Bhaske Dy Collector Revenue dcrevenue[at]gmail[dot]com
Shri Bodwad Dy Collector

Which is poorest city in Maharashtra?

Districts in Western Maharashtra, however, present a picture in contrast. The Satara district has 15.46% very-poor families which is lowest in the state followed by Sangli at 16.55%, Kolhapur at 17.65%, and Pune at 19.5%.