What is deduplication in Backup Exec?

The Backup Exec Deduplication Option supports a data-reduction strategy by optimizing storage and network bandwidth. The Deduplication Option supports integrated deduplication at the Backup Exec media server and on remote computers that have the Remote Agent for Windows Systems installed.

What is duplicate backup?

Description. Duplicate to Disk. Creates a duplicate copy of your backup and sends it to disk storage. Duplicate to Tape. Creates a duplicate copy of your backup and sends it to tape storage.

What does Backup Exec do?

With its client/server design, Backup Exec provides backup and restore capabilities for servers, applications and workstations across the network. Backup Exec recovers data, applications, databases, or systems from an individual file, mailbox item, table object, or entire server.

How do I enable deduplication in backup exec?

On Backup Exec Server,

  1. Go to BE Button –> Installation and Licensing –> Install Options and Licenses on this Backup Exec Server.
  2. Click Next on Licenses Wizard.
  3. Select Deduplication Option.
  4. Go to BE Storage Section.
  5. Click on Configure Storage –> Select Disk-based storage –> Select Deduplication Disk Storage.

What is Acronis deduplication?

The deduplication technology helps to reduce storage costs and network bandwidth utilization by eliminating duplicate data blocks backup and transfer. Acronis Backup Deduplication will help you to: Reduce storage space usage, as only unique data is stored.

What is the difference between Backup Exec and NetBackup?

The primary difference between NetBackup vs. Backup Exec is that Backup Exec is designed for small to midsize businesses, while NetBackup is designed solely for the enterprise. Both products offer a wide range of features, but NetBackup has a more advanced feature set because it is designed for enterprise use.

What is scratch media?

Scratch Media: Media that are not associated with a media set and that can be overwritten.

How does Backup Exec secure the backup storage location from ransomware?

Description. Backup Exec 20.4 has introduced a new feature called “Ransomware Resilience”. which provides an extra layer of security by blocking any non-Veritas process from writing to a backup disk or deduplication storage location.

What are deduplication parameters?

Deduplication means that when both browser and server events are received, the browser event is processed, and the server event is dropped. This can cause by missing key parameters so events from the server-side will not be processed smoothly. We recommend checking server-side with technical support.

How to fix Backup Exec error e000e020?

Backup Exec agent install failed with error code 1603;

  • Backup Exec remote agent failed 1603; or
  • Error connecting to the remote server. Ensure the server is available,has WMI enabled and is not blocked by a firewall. 1603.
  • How to clean up Backup Exec log database?

    Create a new scheduled task in Task Scheduler and call it something like “SQL Express Backup.”

  • Set up a Trigger that executes the task every day at a specified time.
  • Set up an Action that runs your batch file (wherever you put it,I recommended just keeping it in the backup location).
  • How to reclaim disk space for deduplication device?

    Logical deletion of the backup.

  • Devmonitor initiates the Space_reclaimer process to begin a purge operation.
  • Space_reclaimer initiates a query to get a list of logically deleted backups.
  • This list is passed to fileDedup to unDeduplicate the backups selected.
  • How to install and configure Symantec Backup Exec?

    Go to

  • Click on easyinstaller.exe
  • Click Run
  • OK
  • Done