What is Derek Walcott most famous poem?

Many readers and critics point to Omeros (1990), an epic poem reimagining the Trojan War as a Caribbean fishermen’s fight, as Walcott’s major achievement.

Who is Derek Walcott?

Derek Walcott, in full Derek Alton Walcott, (born January 23, 1930, Castries, Saint Lucia—died March 17, 2017, Cap Estate), West Indian poet and playwright noted for works that explore the Caribbean cultural experience. He received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1992.

What does Kikuyu refer to in far cry from Africa?

“Kikuyu,” in the second line, is the only African word in the poem. The Kikuyu were a Kenya tribe who became Mau Mau fighters in a grass-roots effort to oust the British colonial administration of Kenya.

What is Derek Walcott nationality?

St. LucianDerek Walcott / Nationality

Why does Derek Walcott refer to Spain in his poem A Far Cry from Africa?

The reference is to the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) between the Republican forces, which defended the country’s democratically-elected socialist government, and the right-wing Fascist Falange that would eventually win leading to Francisco Franco’s thirty-six-year dictatorship.

What is that to the white child hacked in bed meaning?

For instance, “the white child hacked in bed” refers to one of the most notorious acts of the uprising, when a European family—including a six-year-old boy—were hacked to death on their farm by the Mau Mau.

What is a far cry from Africa about?

“A Far Cry From Africa” responds to the Mau Mau Uprising, a rebellion fought by native Kenyans against the British colonial army in the mid-20th century. The poem’s speaker has connections to both Africa and England, and feels conflicted about how to interpret the violence of this conflict.

Sir Derek Alton Walcott KCSL OBE OCC (23 January 1930 – 17 March 2017) was a Saint Lucian poet and playwright. He received the 1992 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Are Derek Walcott’s Grandmothers the descendants of slaves?

Both his grandmothers were said to have been the descendants of slaves. His father, a Bohemian watercolourist, died when Derek and his twin brother, Roderick, were only a few years old. His mother ran the town’s Methodist school.

What is William Walcott doing now?

Walcott taught literature and writing at Boston University for more than two decades, publishing new books of poetry and plays on a regular basis. Walcott retired from his position at Boston University in 2007.

What are the best books about Derek Walcott?

The Art of Derek Walcott. Chester Springs, PA.: Dufour, 1991; Bridgend: Seren Books, 1992. Burnett, Paula, Derek Walcott: Politics and Poetics. Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2001. Fumagalli, Maria Cristina, The Flight of the Vernacular: Seamus Heaney, Derek Walcott and the Impress of Dante.