What is descriptive research according to Calderon?

Calderon (2006), defined descriptive research as a purposive process of gathering, analyzing, classifying, and tabulating data about prevailing conditions, practices, processes, trends, and cause-effect relationships and then making adequate and accurate interpretation about such data with or without or sometimes …

What Mexican president went to Harvard?

Felipe Calderón

Felipe Calderón RE CYC GCB
Relatives Calderón Hinojosa family
Alma mater Free School of Law (LLB) Mexico Autonomous Institute of Technology (MA) Harvard University (MPA)
Cabinet Cabinet of Felipe Calderón

What is research according to Calderon and Gonzales?

According to Calderon and Gonzales (1993), research may be defined as a purposive, systematic and scientific process of gathering, analyzing, classifying, organizing, presenting and interpreting data for the solution of a problem, for prediction, for invention, for the discovery of truth or for the expansion or …

What is research according to Manuel and Medel?

According to Manuel and Medel (1976), descriptive research describes what is. It involves the description, recording, analysis, and interpretation of the present nature, composition or processes of phenomena. The focus is on prevailing conditions, or how person, group, or thing behave or functions in present.

Who won 2006 election Mexico?

On 5 September 2006 the Federal Electoral Court declared Calderón the definitive winner. The final vote tally of the top two candidates was Calderón 15,000,284, López Obrador 14,756,350, a difference of 243,934.

What is research by Calmorin?

According to Paler-Calmorin & Calmorin (2007), the research process consists of the following: (1) problem/objectives, (2) hypotheses, (3) theoretical/conceptual framework, (4) assumptions, (5) review of related literature, (6) research design, (7) data collection, (8) data processing and statistical treatment, (9) …

Who is the founder of Malolos Constitution?

Felipe Calderón y Roca

Malolos Constitution
Location Malolos, Bulacan
Author(s) Felipe Calderón y Roca and Felipe Buencamino
Signatories Malolos Congress
Purpose Basic law of the First Philippine Republic

What is descriptive research design according to Creswell 2014?

Research Design. (Creswell, 2014) explains “Research design are the specific procedure involved in the research process: data collection, data analysis, and report writing”. The research design in this research uses analysis research design.