What is Felicia Day famous for?

Felicia Day was born on June 28, 1979 in Huntsville, Alabama, USA as Kathryn Felicia Day. She is an actress and producer, known for her work on TV and the web video world. She has appeared in mainstream television shows and films, including Supernatural (2005) and a two-season arc on the SyFy series Eureka (2006).

How many episodes of Supernatural was Felicia Day in?

Kathryn Felicia Day (born June 28, 1979) is an American actress that portrayed Charlie Bradbury from seasons 7-10 on Supernatural. In season 13 and 14 she played an alternate reality version of Charlie Bradbury.

Who plays the Fairy in Legend of Neil?

Felicia Day
In the series, the fairies are hunted for their dust, which is used as a drug, a fate which befalls Fairy in Season 2, Episode 1. In the first episode of the third season it is revealed that the fairy is pregnant. Fairy is portrayed by Felicia Day of Dr. Horrible and The Guild fame.

Why Felicia Day left Supernatural?

They couldn’t get people over the border to do it, so they had to rewrite the whole thing with no extra actors, which really sucks for all of us because I wanted to party, but also I wanted to be in the end.”

When did Felicia Day Leave Supernatural?

Felicia Day is open to returning to Supernatural. The actress recurred over the last few seasons as Charlie Bradbury, but the character was killed off in season 10 after she helped to translate the Book of the Damned.

When did Legend of Neil come out?

2008The Legend of Neil / First episode date

What is Neil’s biggest fear in the story?

Neil faces his deepest, darkest, douchiest fears. He faces his doppelganger, who calls him a loser and shapeshifts into his girlfriend and different family members, and Neil then exclaims his name to be Link and shoves his sword through the doppelganger, destroying it. Neil Then meets Old Man who gives him the Magical Sword.

How did Neil get back to the old man and fairy?

After learning that his mom is dead and his family has been lying to him all along, Neil uses the same method as before to transport himself back into the game, where he finds a retired Old Man and a pregnant Fairy. Wizrobe tells Gannon about Link’s continue.

What happens to Neil in the fight with the lynels?

After they “lynel” one of the soldiers, Neil fights an orange parasite, who swallows him and eats his shield; Neil escapes from the monster’s jaws. In the midst of avoiding the angry Lynels’ sword beams, Neil impresses them with his dance moves and infuriates their leader into a dance contest.

What happens in the first episode of Neil Young?

The episode begins with a flashback to Neil’s failing real life a week earlier. After the flashback, Neil awakes next to the sleeping fairy. He gets up and is attacked by Octoroks. After vanquishing them, he is attacked by a blue troll, who injures him with an arrow.