What is Granta EduPack used for?

Granta EduPack, formerly CES EduPack, is a unique set of teaching resources to support materials education. Granta EduPack provides support to enhance undergraduate materials education. EduPack includes a database of materials and process information, materials selection tools and a range of supporting resources.

How do I download Granta EduPack?

To install Granta EduPack Classic via a download:

  1. Go to the Download Software page on the Granta Design website, and sign in to your My Granta account.
  2. Click the download link to save the installer.
  3. Run the installer by double-clicking edupack_(introductory_)classic_setup.

What is Granta software?

GRANTA Selector is a PC application that enables materials experts and product development teams to find and apply materials property data. You can make better decisions in early-stage design or re-design, reduce time-to-market, and increase confidence during development.

How much does Granta cost?

Granta is committed to championing new voices and is open to unsolicited submissions of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. We consider all submissions for both print and online publication. We charge a fee of £3/$4 for prose submissions and £2/$3 for poetry submissions, equivalent to printing and postage.

What is Cambridge engineering Selector?

The Cambridge Engineering Selector (CES) is a Windows based PC toolkit for the evaluation of information for engineering design, developed by Granta Design Ltd., in conjunction with Cambridge University Engineering Department.

What is CES material?

What are the material properties in Ansys?

List of Some Important Abbreviations Used for Defining Material Properties in Ansys

  • EX, EY, EZ: Modulus of Elasticity.
  • NUXY: Poisson’s ratio.
  • DENS: Density.
  • GXY: Shear Modulus.
  • ALPX, ALPY, ALPZ: Coefficient of thermal expansions.
  • C: Specific heat.
  • KXX, KYY, KZZ: Thermal conductivities.

Is Granta free?

No. You can access free weekly content without a subscription. The Library, which contains our entire print archive, can only be accessed by subscribers. You can take out a digital subscription on an annual basis here.

What is Granta CES EduPack?

Granta CES Edupack Description CES EduPack software allows teachers and students to interact with the extensive property and processing information available in the CES EduPack database, and to apply that information in materials selection and other projects. Platform Windows Eligibility

What information do I need to install Granta EduPack?

If you are installing Granta EduPack(Flex-enabled), you will also need your Ansys Customer Portal login details, and your license server name and port number. If you are installing Granta EduPack Classic, you will also need your My Granta account information.

What is the quiet mode of Granta EduPack?

This mode requires no user input and will run entirely in the background. To perform a quiet installation of Granta EduPack: You will need to use an installer created as part of an installation package.

What is ANSYS Granta EduPack?

Ansys Granta EduPack—formerly CES EduPack—is a unique set of teaching resources that help academics enhance courses related to materials across engineering, design, science and sustainable development. Granta EduPack, formerly CES EduPack, is a unique set of teaching resources to support materials education.