What is Hynautic steering?

Hynautic 3-Line Heavy Duty Hydraulic Steering System: Heavy Duty helms combine one or two bi-directional axial piston pumps with pilot check and make-up check valving. The result is a unit which prevents rudder feedback, is very efficient (even at low RPM), and is immediately adaptable to multi-station use.

How do you bleed a Hynautic steering system?

Bleed both ends of the cylinder by backing off the socket head cap screw bleeders one turn. If the cylinder is not equipped with bleeders, crack open the fitting connections. Hold the cylinder so bleeding will be performed on the highest end of the cylinder. Allow the air to escape until oil appears and then close.

How do you add fluid to a Hynautic steering wheel?

Re: Adding fluid to Hynautic steering (48YF) Soak a day or two with PB Blaster and use a large socket or box wrench. Or an impact wrench. Sometimes tightening a bit allows it to be loostened. On my 48MY I use the mil spec fluid.

What is non feedback steering?

NON-FEEDBACK BOAT STEERING HELM. Nautflex YK7-A Marine Steering System. This Nautflex NON-Feedback helm is designed for easy driving with no feedback from the motor to the steering wheel. Giving the driver a nicer driving exeprience, without the extra effort of fighting the motors torque through the steering wheel.

Can you put regular power steering fluid in a boat?

I used regular regular fluid when I fixed my port pump and refilled. Not that it actually does anything but does pump itself around. On a boat still under warranty you might want to use factory recomended fluid, but after that I don’t see an issue. You shouldn.

What type of power steering fluid do you use for a boat?

Sea Star hydraulic steering fluid is prevalent in most boating centers across the United States.

Can I use any power steering fluid in my boat?

It is the best oil to use in hydraulic-steering systems, but any oil that meets MIL 5606 specification can be used, and in an emergency, even 5W engine oil. While many boaters use automatic transmission fluid in their steering systems, using the manufacturer’s recommended product is the way to go.