What is Innscor Zimbabwe?

Innscor Africa Limited is a focused group of light manufacturing businesses which produce a number of Zimbabwe’s iconic brands in the consumer staple and durable product space.

Who owns innscor in Zimbabwe?

Mill-Bake Segment

Michael Lashbrook Group CEO
Nigel Weller Managing Executive – Traded Goods
William Kapfupi Managing Executive – Cereals, Culinary and Baby Foods (CCB)
Vikas Swami Managing Executive – Downpack
Nqgabutho Moyo Operations Executive – Flour

Who started innscor?

ABOUT. Bill Irvine started Irvine’s Day Old Chicks with his wife using their spare bedroom in Waterfalls in 1957. Today Irvine’s produces over 50 million chicks per year, over 18 million dozens of table eggs per year and over 15 000 tonnes of frozen chicken per year.

Who owns Chicken Inn in Zimbabwe?

Simbisa group
Simbisa group runs fast-food brands such as Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn, Creamy Inn, Baker’s Inn, Fish Inn, Galito’s Africa, Nando’s, Steers, and Vida E Caffe and delivery service, Dial-a-Delivery.

How was innscor started?

Founded in 1987, and starting operations as Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) branded as Chicken Inn opened on Speke Avenue in Harare. It continuously grew its portfolio in QSR. In 1995, Bakers Inn came to existence after acquiring and commissioning a mechanized bread plant in Harare.

Who is the owner of Simbisa brands?

On 5th August 2015 Simbisa was incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of Innscor.

Who is Zed Koudounaris?

Koudounaris, one of Zimbabwe’s most successful businessmen, is the founder of Simbisa brands. His 18.41-percent stake in the company is worth $60.4 million.

Who owns Simbisa brands in Zimbabwe?

On 5th August 2015 Simbisa was incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of Innscor.

How many branches does Chicken Inn have in Zimbabwe?

86 outlets
Chicken Inn ensures that only the best A-grade chicken and premium spices are used to provide the uniquely flavored, quality fried chicken that has made them famous. The proudly Zimbabwean franchise boasts 86 outlets across Africa, including Kenya, Zambia, Ghana, Malawi and DRC.

How many branches does Simbisa?

Simbisa currently operates more than 550 QSR restaurants in 9 countries across Africa with future ambitions of further expansion across the region.

Who owns Simbisa Zimbabwe?

On 5th August 2015 Simbisa was incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of Innscor. Effective 1st October 2015 Simbisa acquired, through a scheme of reconstruction, all the assets and liabilities of the QSR Business from Innscor in exchange for 541,593,440 shares in the company.

Who is the CEO of Simbisa brands?

Basil S.
Basil S. Dionisio holds the position of Group Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director at Simbisa Brands Ltd.