What is it like to go to high school in Hawaii?

Overall, people in high school are very active in Hawaii. Kids are really into the beach and showing it off as much as possible through their Instagram and school attire. If you’ve got kids in high school moving to Hawaii, make sure they stay active and tan and they’ll make friends really quick!

Are there good high schools in Hawaii?

Mililani High School #1 Best Public High Schools in Hawaii.

What is the oldest age you can be in high school in Hawaii?

State Age of required school attendance Maximum age limit to which free education must be offered
District of Columbia 5 to 18
Florida 6 to 16
Georgia 6 to 16 19
Hawaii 5 to 18 20

Is public school free in Hawaii?

Hawaii Traditional Public Schools Traditional public schools are free to attend, open to all students, operated by school districts, and funded by federal, state, and local government. In Hawaii, the state spends an average of $16,132 per public school pupil each year.

Are schools good in Hawaii?

Nearly 20% of school children in Hawaii attend one of the 130 private schools. These schools have, on average, better reputations than the public schools, but can be very costly. The percentage of kids in private school taken in comparison with other states in the USA – is the highest in the nation.

What rank is Hawaii in education?

Public School Ranking by State

Overall Rank State Total Score
37 District of Columbia 44.29
38 Arkansas 43.84
39 Nevada 43.64
40 Hawaii 43.09

Is Hawaii good for education?

Hawaii is 48th out of 52 in the nation for 8th grade NAEP reading scores. Hawaii is 47th in the nation in completion rates for 9th grade to college. Hawaii is the only state not to use property taxes to fund public education. Hawaii is ranked as the 49th worst state in the nation for teachers.

Are Hawaiian schools good?

Why choose high school in Hawaii?

High school programs in Hawaii can provide students with valuable exposure to everything from conservation and marine life to farming, geology, ecotourism, and resort management.

Where are the high schools in Hawaii?

They are listed alphabetically. Honokaa High and Intermediate School 45-527 Pakalana St, Honokaa, Hawaii 96727 Ke Kula ‘O ‘Ehunuikaimalino 81-1041 Konawaena School Rd, Kealakekua, Hawaii 96750 Lanai High and Elementary School 555 Fraser Ave, Lanai City, Hawaii 96763 Pahoa High and Intermediate School 15-3038 Puna Rd, Pahoa, Hawaii 96778

Do you need a visa to go to high school Hawaii?

If you are American, no visa is needed to participate in a high school program in Hawaii. If you are from outside of the U.S., you may be able to enter on a tourist visa, otherwise you may need to secure a student visa, depending on the length and structure of your program.

What kind of tests do high school students take in Hawaii?

High school students take the Smarter Balanced assessments in English language arts and math, according to the Hawaii State Department of Education. To see how schools in the state’s top metro areas ranked, check out the pages for Honolulu, Kapaa, Kahului and Hilo.