What is kidnapped medically?

Medical kidnapping is a very real, very terrifying term that describes a scenario where the state steps in to take over child custody when doctors and parents disagree over the medical care your child should receive.

What do they use for kidnapping?

Ketamine. Ketamine is an injectable anesthetic that is intended for veterinary use. It is also known as Special K, K, Vitamin K or Cat Valiums.

Why do people get kidnapped?

The principal motives for kidnapping are to subject the victim to some form of involuntary servitude, to expose him to the commission of some further criminal act against his person, or to obtain ransom for his safe release.

What is a predator drug?

GHB, rohypnol and ketamine have become known as “predatory” or “date rape” drugs because they are used to incapacitate someone for the purposes of committing a crime, often sexual assault. These drugs are odorless and colorless and can easily be slipped into someone’s drink.

Should you go with a kidnapper?

While the best thing you can do is to avoid an attack in the first place, if someone attempts to kidnap you, try to get away before they can incapacitate you. If you are taken into captivity, comply with your kidnappers and observe your surroundings until you can escape or be rescued.

What does a kidnapper look for?

Kidnappers tend to develop a profile of their likely target before making an abduction based upon their overall goals, which usually falls into one of three categories: financial gain, extremism or emotional disturbance.

How do kidnappers control their victims?

In conclusion, the United States has done many things to help prevent more kidnappings and abduction from occurring. Some tactics that kidnappers use on their kidnap children are brainwashing, hypnosis, and physical abuse. Mind control can be a powerful method to turn children from the real truth.