What is La Doll clay made of?

Satin Smooth Natural Stone Clay
World renowned as the doll making clay sculpting material of choice. La Doll Satin Smooth Natural Stone Clay contains highly refined pumice, talc, small amounts of paper pulp, and additional binders. This perfect doll making clay requires no kneading and can be worked indefinitely by keeping the clay moist.

What is La Doll clay?

La Doll. an Artist level Clay, made from fine natural stone. Good for dollmaking, sculpturing, carving, stamping. Perfect air-dry stone clay for fine detail work. Confirmed to ASTM D 4326.

How long does La Doll clay take to dry?

A small piece about 6-12 hours. A large piece about 12-24 hours. You will have to turn your project over halfway through for the other half to dry completely. I use this clay to make dolls.

Is creative paper clay good?

It blends easily, but it’s also stiff enough to allow for gestural work as well as details. It can also be carved and drilled once dry. While not unbreakable by any means, CPC is surprisingly resilient. Depending on the object, it can survive a drop, which is not something that can easily be said for ceramics.

Does Stone clay air dry?

La Doll Premier Lightweight Stone Clay, 10.58 oz (300 g) La Doll Premier Lightweight Stone Clay is an air dry clay that allows for very fine detail, is lightweight to use, and dries to an exceptional strength. Colors can be added and kneaded with this clay to make any color you wish.

Is paper clay archival?

It dries lightweight and is archival: art made from this material can last over a 100 years. CPC handles similarly to stoneware clay: You can soften and smooth it by adding water, and if it becomes a little too dry, spritzing it with water brings it back to life.

Is air dry clay expensive?

Top of the list for obvious reasons: air dry clays can be pricey. This is actually a really big one – if you can’t buy the clay, you can’t use it. Not all clay brands are sold everywhere.

. ACTIVA La Doll clay is the doll artist’s choice for a superior sculpture medium. Extremely lightweight, pliant and workable, it is designed to achieve ultra-fine detailed and intricate results.

Is La Doll more durable than Premier?

I’ve used La Doll before and heard Premier was more durable, which I’d say is accurate. I accidentally dropped a head on his nose and he was completely unharmed, although I wouldn’t advise flinging around your sculptures. This is easy to make slip with, and is secure even when you wrap it thinly around wire.

What is La Doll?

Extremely lightweight, pliant and workable, it is designed to achieve ultra-fine detailed and intricate results. Preferred by professional artists and ceramicists, La Doll is a blend of highly refined pumice, talc and special binders that result in a hard, satin smooth finish.

Why choose Activa products?

Since its founding in 1959, ACTIVA Products has been the industry leader in supplying the highest quality materials for creativity. For artists, crafters, designers and educators, ACTIVA provides the right tools and products for artistic expression.