What is MapmyIndia used for?

MapmyIndia offers Navigation, Tracking, IoT, Analytics and web mapping service for desktop and mobile devices. The company also offers advanced GPS tracking devices, car in-dash infotainment & plug & play on-board diagnostics car tracker.

Who uses MapmyIndia?

MapmyIndia addresses four key verticals— direct consumers, automotive, mobile Internet, and enterprises and government. The company’s clients attest to their accuracy and rich experience, but it counts for little in the direct consumer segment. The company built Move to compete in this space.

Does Apple use MapmyIndia?

MapmyIndia is a provider of mapping data and technology to many major companies, since the early 1990s. It provides services to many major brands, including Uber, Mercedes Benz, McDonald’s, Amazon, and Apple for Apple Maps.

Is MapmyIndia free to use?

Our APIs are available for free, forever, for developers to build and test an unlimited number of applications. Users that deploy commercial applications, and want higher levels of API transactions and customer support, can choose from one of the available paid plans.

Which satellite company is working with Apple?

Kuo said Globalstar is most likely to partner with Apple. The company has an existing satellite phone network of 24 satellites in low Earth orbit. “If Apple enables the relevant software functions, iPhone 13 users can call and send messages via satellite when not within 4G/5G coverage,” Kuo wrote.

Is it good to invest in MapmyIndia?

“We advise investors to hold this stock for long-term, and new investors can also add this stock in dips,” he added with a price range of Rs 1,250-1,300 as an attractive buy for MapmyIndia. The issue was subscribed 155 times, thanks to strong bidding from QIB and HNI investors.

Where can I apply for MapmyIndia IPO?

You can apply for the MapmyIndia (C.E. Info Systems Ltd) IPO using any supported UPI app by following two steps:

  1. Enter your bid on Console.
  2. Accept UPI mandate on your phone.

Is MapmyIndia good investment?

Ravi Singh, Vice President & Head of Research ShareIndia, suggests that investors should hold the shares for long-term, “MapmyIndia is a good bet for long-term investment due to its sustainable business model, “he said.

Should I invest in MapmyIndia?

What is MapmyIndia RealView?

MapmyIndia’s RealView enables users to view the world right from the comfort of where they are with the full panoramic view of the assets and the ability to geo-tag, measure and analyse them with photo-realistic quality. Ready to get started?

How can MapmyIndia help your business?

Improve fleet productivity, optimise fuel costs and enhance fleet lifespan with MapmyIndia’s suite of end-to-end IoT and Telematics solutions. Workforce management automation. Learn more The most generalised field force app that uses the power of location intelligence to increase workforce productivity. Powerful IoT cloud platform. Learn more

What is MapmyIndia SDK?

SDKs for maps and traffic built on comprehensive map data. MapmyIndia’s advanced Map SDKs are easy-to-embed in web and mobile apps across platforms. APIs for search and discovery. Learn more Embed the most relevant and accurate search experiences with our search, geocode and reverse geocode solutions. APIs to solve complex routing problems.

What is MapmyIndia’s mtrack?

MapmyIndia’s latest vehicle tracking device “MTrack” is powered with precise, reliable and continuously updated all India maps to ensure accurate tracking of your vehicle. Our smart and innovative tracking system helps you remotely monitor your car from wherever you are, using the mobile app- Move.