What is SRV Autodiscover?

DNS SRV Autodiscover lets supporting email clients automatically detect the mail server settings for your domain by checking DNS values for your domain. To set up Autodiscover you need to set up specific DNS records for your domain.

How do I check my Autodiscover SRV records?

How to test the Autodiscover. _tcp SRV record for Exchange

  1. Open an elevated command prompt.
  2. NSLookup [Enter]
  3. set type=srv [Enter]
  4. _autodiscover._tcp.mpecsinc.ca [Enter]

Where do I put Autodiscover record?

Add CNAME records

  1. On the DNS Manager page for the domain, go to Action > CNAME (CNAME).
  2. In the New Resource Record dialog box, make sure that the fields are set to precisely the following values: Host Name: autodiscover. Type: CNAMEAddress: autodiscover.outlook.com.
  3. Select OK.

How do I create a DNS SRV record?

To set up the DNS SRV record

  1. Log on to the DNS server and open the DNS Manager.
  2. Open DNS and choose the zone to create the SRV record for (Current domain, forward lookup zone).
  3. From the Context menu, select Other New Records…, navigate to Service Location (SRV), and choose Create Record.

What is an Autodiscover DNS record?

What is Autodiscover and why is it important? Autodiscover is a service that automatically configures email clients, such as Outlook. It is a necessary requirement for correct access and smooth operation of your Hosted Exchange service.

How do I add an SRV record in Office 365?

How do I add SRV records for Office 365?

  1. Add the first record with info similar to this: Select SRV in the dropdown menu. Hostname: _sip._tls. TTL: 3600. Priority: 100.
  2. Then you add the second record with info similar to this: Select SRV in the dropdown menu. Hostname: _sipfederationtls._tcp. TTL: 3600. Priority: 100.

How do I check my Exchange Autodiscover SRV record using nslookup?

In this example we launched Nslookup in interactive mode, so we can interact with it. The query type is set to SRV and then we checked for the _autodiscover._tcp.tailspintoys.ca record….Open a cmd prompt and run:

  1. nslookup.
  2. set q=srv.
  3. _autodiscover._tcp.tailspintoys.ca.

What should my autodiscover record be?

We recommend that you create an Autodiscover CNAME record for every domain on your account, including domain aliases and accepted domains. You need to create either a CNAME or SRV record where your domain is hosted.

How to check your SRV records?

– Service: _autodiscover – Protocol: _tcp – Port Number: 443 – Host: mail.fill_in_your_domain_here.com

How to validate SRV record?

Information DNS SRV records for Office 365. It can take time before it actually will resolve.

  • Verify DNS SRV records from Windows. Let’s verify the SRV records for Office 365.
  • Verify DNS SRV records from a website. Open your browser and go to the website mxtoolbox.com.
  • Conclusion. To sum it up,you learned how to check the DNS SRV records for Office 365.
  • How to verify SRV records?

    Log on to a client computer in the domain with an account that is a member of the Authenticated Users group or has equivalent permissions.

  • Click Start,and then click Run.
  • In the Open box,type cmd,and then click OK.
  • At the command prompt,type nslookup,and then press ENTER.
  • Type set type=srv,and then press ENTER.
  • How to set up a SRV record?

    You need to go to the page where you create subdomains and SRV records (For me it’s ‘All Host Records’).

  • First of all,you need to create a subdomain (or use the main domain). Set it up like this: For me,the final result will be ‘join.ultimamc.net’.
  • Setting up the SRV records. This is only needed if your port is not :25565.