What is Stephanie detry doing now?

Stéphanie is violinist and pianist in the Johann Strauss Orchestra, but she also can play the ukulele and she runs with her husband a tap dance school. Photo left by Patrick Verweire (2016). Photo below by Marcel van Hoorn (2018).

Who plays the piano in andre rieu orchestra?

Stephanie Detry Stéphanie
Stéphanie is a fantastic violinist and pianist as well. She originally joined the orchestra as a violinist, and forgot all about the piano. But the old love did not fade away, and at the moment she plays the 88 black and white keys of the concert piano in the orchestra.

Who is the clarinet player in Andre Rieu orchestra?

Manoe is a real clown on stage. She plays the clarinet, saxophone, bagpipes, guitar, she sings, she dances… and if I suggested she should do all of those things at once while standing on her head, I have no doubt she would manage it!

Does Andre Rieu wife play in the orchestra?

Marjorie RieuAndré Rieu / Wife (m. 1975)

Who plays the bagpipes in Andre Rieu orchestra?

Does Andre Rieu play piano?

Seldom is there place for one in an orchestra. For many years I have enjoyed playing the violin. But when our pianist left, and André asked me to take his place, it was as if I came home; I am one with the piano, this is my true talent.

Who is the woman who plays bagpipes for André Rieu?

Who plays clarinet for André Rieu?

Logical, because we always see Manoe Konings (56) in a light blue Sissi dress and with a clarinet in her hands. You know, she is the one who knocks back a glass of champagne in every André Rieu show.

Does André Rieu pay his orchestra well?

Rieu pays all of the musicians in his collective and his massive team based solely on the money they bring in from various revenue streams, and the fact that they have been able to keep going after all these years is a truly incredible accomplishment.