What is Sun in grammar?

verb transitiveWord forms: sunned or ˈsunning. 5. to expose to the sun’s rays; warm, dry, bleach, tan, etc. in or as in the sunlight. verb intransitive.

What is the correct definition of atmosphere?

Definition of atmosphere 1a : the gaseous envelope of a celestial body (such as a planet) b : the whole mass of air surrounding the earth. 2 : the air of a locality the stuffy atmosphere of the waiting room. 3 : a surrounding influence or environment an atmosphere of hostility.

Which type of noun is atmosphere?

The gases surrounding the Earth or any astronomical body. The air in a particular place. The mood or feeling in a situation.

Is Sun a verb or noun?

As detailed above, ‘sun’ can be a proper noun, a noun or a verb.

What are verbs for the sun?


  • laze.
  • loll.
  • lounge.
  • relax.
  • sun.
  • sunbathe.
  • swim in.
  • toast oneself.

Can you use sun as a verb?

verb (used with object), sunned, sun·ning. to expose to the sun’s rays. to warm, dry, etc., in the sunshine. to put, bring, make, etc., by exposure to the sun.

What does atmosphere mean in vocabulary?

a surrounding environment or influence
An atmosphere is a surrounding environment or influence. If you and your coworkers talk behind each other’s backs, you will create a nasty atmosphere at work. Atmosphere was coined by 17th-century scientists combining the Greek words for vapor, atmos, and sphere, sphaira.

What is an example of atmosphere in literature?

We’re usually going for spooky around Halloween, but in literature, atmosphere refers to the feeling, emotion, or mood a writer conveys to a reader through the description of setting and objects. In the Harry Potter tales, J.K. Rowling spins a suspenseful and whimsical atmosphere.

Is atmosphere an adjective?

having or producing an emotional atmosphere: atmospheric quality; atmospheric lighting.

What is the verb of atmosphere?

verb (used with object), at·mos·phered, at·mos·pher·ing. to give an atmosphere to: The author had cleverly atmosphered the novel for added chills.

Can sun be an adjective?

Sun. (abbreviation) sun–baked (adjective)

What is an adjective for sun?

hot, bright, full, warm, tropical, late, red, early, scorching, golden, day, low, brilliant, much, glorious, direct, fierce, southern, central, strong, pale, yellow, western, mean, vertical, radiant, african, clear, fiery, tues., spiritual, cold, afternoon, the, blinding, quiet, beautiful, blessed, intense, merciless.